ARCHIVED: Biennial Salary Survey Task Force

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CHARGE: The Biennial Salary Survey and Organizational Characteristics publication is the only source for up-to-date comparative salary information for law librarians, broken out (and cross-tabbed) by position, region, gender, education, years in current position, years of library experience, and membership in AALL. The Biennial Salary Survey has been published since 1995, a period long enough to begin establishing trend data, but still recent enough to benefit from selected enhancements.

The Task Force to Review the Biennial Salary Survey shall focus its work in two areas: the review of the survey instrument and Biennial Salary Survey and recommendations to improve the data made available via the Biennial Salary Survey publication.

The Task Force shall

  • Evaluate the current survey instrument and publication to identify data that may be ambiguous, misleading or incomplete.
  • Consult with the ALL-SIS, PLL, SCC-SIS and other appropriate entities regarding the usefulness of the current survey instrument and publication.
  • Determine other appropriate means for identifying member needs that are not currently being met or that may benefit from improved data collection.
  • Consult with Headquarters Staff and whoever collects the data
  • Make recommendations to the Director of Publications and the Executive Director for changes to the survey instrument and publication.
  • Review the resulting survey instrument and publication and report on improvements in usefulness to the Executive Board.

SIZE: The Task Force shall consist of a chair and five members and serve until December 2003. An interim report will be submitted to the Executive Board at its Spring 2003 meeting and a final report will be submitted for the Fall 2003 Executive Board Meeting. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will be appointed and the staff liaison shall be the Director of Publications.