ARCHIVED: AALL Centennial Planning Task Force

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CHARGE: The Task Force shall develop and submit a broad-based plan for the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the Association in 2006. The plan should cover the period beginning in July 2005 and culminating at the Annual Meeting in July 2006. The Task Force will take into consideration all appropriate AALL committees, SISs, Chapters and the Public Relations Committee; and involve the editors of the Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum to determine appropriate ways to use these publications to celebrate the event and to document the historical record. The Task Force will propose budget guidelines for approval by the Executive Board. The Task Force will recommend a timeline for the work of the Centennial Celebration Committee that will be appointed in January 2003. The Task Force should also propose a framework for involving vendors that might want to join with AALL in celebrating this milestone, and include other fund-raising components for the celebration. The Centennial Planning Task Force should be creative, resourceful and seek input from the membership.

The Task Force should provide an interim report to the Executive Board for its July 2002 meeting and a final report to the Executive Board prior to its November 2002 meeting.

SIZE: The Task Force will consist of a Chair and four members. The members will be appointed by the Vice-President and serve until November 2002. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will be appointed and the PR Committee Chair, and the editors of the Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum shall serve as ex-officio members of the Task force. The staff liaison will be the Executive Director.

(Created January 2002 by Carol Avery Nicholson, Vice-President)