ARCHIVED: Chapter Summit Planning Committee

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TYPE: Special Committee

PURPOSE:The purpose of the Chapter Summit Planning Committee is to plan and produce a meeting between AALL Chapter leaders and AALL Executive Board leaders to discuss issues of mutual concern regarding the profession and the Association and Chapters. The goal of the Summit is to encourage more collaboration on initiatives which can provide more support to law librarians and the profession.

CHARGE: The special committee shall develop a Chapter Summit which will include programs and networking events to facilitate this collaboration. Topics to cover include, but are not limited to, the changes taking place in the legal profession and its effect on law libraries, support for law libraries/librarians, advocacy issues related to copyright, access and preservation, technology's impact, and working together to communicate value. The Summit will be held bi-annually on the Friday prior to the beginning of the Annual Meeting and Conference.

SIZE: Chair plus five members.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES/STRUCTURES: The special committee will solicit input from AALL Chapters in planning the agenda and events for the Summit. The special committee will maintain regular contact with the AALL Chapter Council and the Executive Board.