ARCHIVED: Colloquium Working Group on Shared Principles

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TYPE: Working Group

PURPOSE: To refine and complete some of the work that was begun at the Colloquium sponsored by AALL February 28 - March 1, 2011.

CHARGE: The Working Group will carry forward the work and discussion begun by participants of the AALL colloquium on "Creating, Disseminating, Using, and Preserving Legal Information in Challenging Times." The Working Group will use the record of the colloquium discussion to:

  • Draft a document of shared principles, to be reviewed by the participants of the colloquium and disseminated to the AALL Executive Board and membership
  • Prepare an action plan that outlines the next steps and future work identified at the colloquium, along with recommendations on distributing the work, to be reviewed by the participants and the AALL Executive Board
  • Review the list of library-identified issues that were not fully addressed at the colloquium to determine where future work is necessary and appropriate

The Working Group will complete its work and prepare a final report for the July 2011 Executive Board meeting.

SIZE: Chair plus six members

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES: The Working Group will solicit input and feedback from the colloquium participants and from AALL committees (e.g., CRIV) as appropriate.