ARCHIVED: Graduate Education for Law Librarianship Special Committee (2004)

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The Graduate Education for Law Librarianship Special Committee is created to promote the offering of courses in law librarianship in graduate schools for library and information sciences and to work with the Diversity Committee and the Recruitment Committee to increase awareness of law librarianship as a career choice to those in graduate library schools.

CHARGE: Specifically the Special Committee is charged to:

  • Work to bring research/law librarianship courses to all library/information science graduate education programs.
  • Update the website Education for a Career in Law Librarianship and determine how to maintain it in the future
  • Facilitate service by law librarians on their library/information science school’s advisory boards and alumni organizations
  • Contact faculty members who teach special libraries courses in library schools and ask that they introduce law librarianship into their courses.
  • Review AALL Guidelines for Graduate Programs in Law Librarianship and promote the AALL Competencies for Law Librarianship as the basis for courses and future directions for library education for law librarians.
  • Propose a means to increase the future visibility of graduate education for law librarianship
  • Recommend to the Executive Board a process or entity to be created to carry this work forward after the term of the Special Committee expires.

SIZE: The Special Committee is created for a term of three years which will end at the AALL Annual Meeting in 2007. The Special Committee will include a chair and six members.