ARCHIVED: AALL Committee Structure Special Committee

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CHARGE: From its founding one hundred years ago, AALL has depended on committees to tackle important issues and to carry out tasks large and small. Through the years, there have been many changes in committee work and in the number and composition of the committees themselves. The Special Committee is charged to review the current standing committee structure of the Association and to make recommendations to the Executive Board concerning what committee structure is needed for effective operation of AALL in the future. Specifically, the Special Committee is asked to:

  • Study the history of AALL committees.
  • Investigate the committee structure of AALL's peer organizations.
  • Identify the functional types into which current AALL committees fall (such as task-oriented, policy recommending, advisory, and topical).
  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of the current AALL committee structure. Consider the process for soliciting volunteers and the need for the members of certain committees to have particular expertise.
  • Survey or solicit comments from previous committee chairs and members.
  • Work with chairs of current committees to review their charges and identify overlapping charges.
  • Identify any current committees whose work could be combined, discontinued, or handled more effectively by alternate means. Suggest any new committees that would be useful to carry out the work of the Association in the future.
  • For each of the committees that will exist in the future, recommend the length of appointment, the number of members needed, and the charge under which the committee will operate.
  • Recommend a schedule for periodic review of AALL committees.

The Special Committee will prepare a preliminary report for the Spring 2007 Executive Board meeting, an interim report for the July 2007 Board meeting, and a final report with recommendations for Board approval at the Fall 2007 Board meeting. Implementation of the new committee structure will begin with the Fall 2008 committee volunteer recruitment and the Spring 2009 committee chair and member appointments.

SIZE: The Special Committee will consist of a Chair and six members, who will serve until November 2007. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will be appointed.