ARCHIVED: Consortium Review Task Force

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That the Executive Board create a five-member "Consortium Review Task Force" to investigate the feasibility of developing an AALL consortium, which would operate as a "buying cooperative" for members. The Task Force is charged with evaluating ways in which the Association could implement a consortium by considering the following steps.
  • The development of a business plan
  • The delineation of the planned consortium's market position vis-a-vis NELLCO and MALLCO
  • The evaluation of the "best practices" of other consortia
  • The creation of a policy for the consortium
  • The ways in which the consortium could work in conjunction with a Vendor Relations Representative
  • The hiring of staff (if necessary)
  • The procurement of legal guidance on the creation of such an entity
  • The planned expenditures for such a project

The Task Force may review additional subjects and opportunities not mentioned above. The Task Force shall prepare a final report, including all recommendations by the Spring 2009 Executive Board Meeting, with interim reports at the July 2008 and November 2008 Board Meetings.