ARCHIVED: Authentication and Preservation of Digital Law

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CHARGE: Develop and foster a national standard of authentication and preservation of primary legal materials in digital format for adoption by the producers and distributors of such information.

Specifically the committee will:  

  • Identify, examine, and evaluate existing standards;
  • Identify and consult as needed with key stakeholders, including the Law Library of Congress, archivists, and standard-setting organizations, and information producers and distributors;
  • Provide a forum within AALL for discussions of these issues, and identify and clarify appropriate roles for AALL and law librarians;
  • Seek necessary endorsements from other groups;
  • Serve as a resource within AALL to other individuals and organizations seeking advice and guidance on authentication and preservation issues, and work with government agencies to facilitate local adoption and implementation of standards.

SIZE: This special committee shall consist of six to eight members. They shall be composed of AALL members and representatives of other key stakeholder organizations.

(Appointed by President Jim Heller, May 1999)