ARCHIVED: Executive Board Governance Committee

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CHARGE: The Executive Board Governance Committee oversees and makes recommendations to the Executive Board on all aspects of how the Executive Board conducts its business. The committee regularly evaluates the effectiveness of Executive Board meetings, and makes recommendations for improvement.

The Committee reviews, drafts, and codifies policies and procedures that govern the way the Executive Board conducts its business, including its relations with the Executive Staff, with AALL members, and with external constituencies, including chapters.

The committee reviews, drafts and codifies procedures followed by the Executive Board, including setting the agenda, conducting business, preparing minutes for Executive Board meetings and for the Annual Business Meeting, preparing and issuing official AALL statements and official Executive Board actions, describing Executive Board Liaison functions, and conducting chapter visits. The committee also codifies procedures for conducting business at the Strategic Planning and Finance and Budget meetings.

The committee prepares and updates job descriptions for the Executive Board officers and members, and it participates in orienting new Executive Board members to Executive Board policies and procedures, and to their role on the Executive Board.

The committee may recommend for Executive Board approval changes to all Executive Board procedures or polices in relation to all of the above activities.

(Approved July, 1998 Board Meeting---Tab 8, page 2533)

SIZE: Appointed by the current President-Elect to serve a one-year term during his or her term as President, the committee consists of the incoming President-Elect, a first year Executive Board member, and a second year Executive Board member, and the Secretary, who typically chairs the committee.

(Approved July, 1998 Board Meeting---Tab 8, page 2534)