ARCHIVED: Economic Value of Law Libraries Special Committee

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RFP for Economic Value and ROI in Law Libraries

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The Economic Value of Law Libraries: Final Report

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Methods of Articulating Value: The Research Rationale of The Economic Value of Law Libraries Report

 Special Committee

PURPOSE: To define methodologies for determining the economic value of and return on investment in law libraries; to assist in the development of a comprehensive, quantitative study and report of law libraries' value; and to suggest ways for AALL to promote the completed report.

CHARGE: The special committee will:

  • Make initial decisions regarding the scope and methodologies of the study.
  • Issue a request for proposal to solicit consultants for the drafting of a study report that employs quantitative data to demonstrate institutions' returns on investment in law libraries.
  • Provide expert advice to the selected consultant in the collection and analysis of data.
  • Analyze and recommend the most effective ways for promoting the completed report to stakeholders.
The special committee will make interim reports for the fall 2013 and spring and summer 2014 Executive Board meetings, and submit final recommendations to the Executive Board at its fall 2014 meeting.

SIZE: Chair, plus six members. In addition, the chair of the Economic Status of Law Librarians Committee, the president, the executive director, and the vendor liaison will serve in ex officio roles.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES/STRUCTURES: The Special Committee will solicit input and feedback from AALL Special Interest Sections and committees.