ARCHIVED: Education Summit Framework and Oversight Task Force

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  1. Flesh out the specific roles of the stakeholders: in particular but not limited to AALL, Chapters, SISs, Committees, Caucuses, and create a blueprint for fostering entrepreneurship between the stakeholders.
  2. Describe how the SIS's and the chapters will work together to plan and execute the appropriate visions from the Education Summit.
  3. Define the scope of the authority of various groups.
  4. Create model development for staffing and technology infrastructure.
  5. Create implementation plans for annual meeting program repackaging.
  6. Create implementation plan for grant funding and funding model, after Task Force #3 on Funding completes its work.
DEADLINE FOR COMPLETION:  The Task Force will send individual parts to the Executive Board for comments as soon as completed. It will present a Preliminary Report to the Executive Board February 1, for feedback and comments by February 15. The Final Report will be submitted by March 15, to be approved by the Board at its Spring meeting.