ARCHIVED: Annual Meeting Educational Programming Special Committee

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CHARGE: The Special Committee is charged to examine the current process and timeframe, and the roles and responsibilities of all concerned entities, by which the Annual Meeting educational program is developed. The Special Committee shall recommend appropriate changes in Annual Meeting program development to the Executive Board. The primary focus of this study is to ensure that procedures reflect and meet the needs and interests of AALL members and Association entities, while also recognizing the need to ensure a vibrant trade show that is attractive to exhibitors.

All facets of the educational programming process should be investigated, including how programs are solicited and chosen, how the Annual Meeting educational program schedule is created, and the roles of the Vice President/President-Elect (and President), the Annual Meeting Program Committee, and the Association's headquarters staff.

SIZE: A broad spectrum of Association members and entities shall be involved in this examination, including current and past AMPC and PDC members and chairs, the SIS Council, Headquarters staff, and other interested stakeholders. The Special Committee should consider the evolving nature of the Association's subordinate groups, especially the SISs, which aim to meet the needs of their own constituencies at the Annual Meeting. The Special Committee shall consult with the current Professional Development Committee before finalizing its recommendations.

The Special Committee should prepare an interim report for the Board's first meeting in July, 2002, and a final report for Board consideration at its November, 2002, meeting. The Special Committee's term expires in November, 2002.