ARCHIVED: Education Program Review Special Committee

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TYPE: Special Committee

PURPOSE: Develop a framework for AALL's continuing education focused on advancing member education and professional development needs throughout their career.

CHARGE: Guided by AALL's Continuing Professional Education Policy, Competencies of Law Librarianship and the recent Economic Value of Law Libraries study findings, the special committee will:

  • focus AALL's core education and learning management needs
  • review AALL's education offerings in terms of relevance, and identify critical education voids
  • establish a set of criteria for the development/selection of content that can be applied to all AALL education (Annual Meeting, webinars, stand-alone programs, publications etc.)
  • identify content that can be repurposed for greater access and learning integration, or expanded through collaborations and specialized programming
  • recommend career development and new member education initiatives, including a possible track structured to expand CONELL, and further develop leadership, management and business skills training
  • explore the value and feasibility of certifications and certificate offerings for member education

TIME COMMITMENT: The committee will meet virtually on a regular basis, at least monthly to develop an education framework, and submit its recommendations to the Executive Board, no later than the fall of 2015.

MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: Expertise in professional education program development, experience and expertise in the competencies of law librarianship. Leadership experience is also preferred.

TENURE: Membership on the committee will be until its work is complete and its report and recommendations are submitted to the AALL Executive Board, not later than November 2015.

SIZE: The committee shall consist of a chair, five members, and a non-voting Executive Board liaison, and staff liaison(s)


Goal I: Authority
Goal III: Education