ARCHIVED: Federal Depository Library Program Task Force

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PURPOSE: To support law library participation in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) by highlighting the benefits of the program, identifying changes to the program that will enable law libraries to continue to participate, and working to facilitate a broader role for law librarians in the national conversation on the FDLP.

CHARGE: The Task Force will:

  • Engage in outreach to law libraries highlighting the advantages of participation in the FDLP, including working with the Public Relations Committee to develop a public relations campaign about the FDLP in law libraries.
  • Encourage and facilitate law library involvement in the Government Printing Office's efforts to document the changing needs of the FDLP.
  • Identify common concerns using focus groups, surveys, or other techniques to develop specific suggestions for what law libraries need to stay in the program and communicate these needs to the Government Printing Office.
  • Raise awareness about the FDLP and its efforts at modernization and understand the program's benefits and drawbacks from the perspective of law libraries and law librarians.
  • Work with the AALL Government Relations Office to collaborate with other library groups (non law) to promote the value of the FDLP and engage in meaningful discussion about needed changes to the program in an effort to work as a larger community toward an improved FDLP that will be mutually beneficial for all libraries.