ARCHIVED: Gen X Gen Y Task Force

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Generations in Law Librarianship: Results of AALL Survey   
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With A Rebel Yell: Generations in Law Librarianship

CHARGE: Current demographic information indicates that our workforce is graying and that the dominant generation, the Baby Boomers, will shortly start to retire. Although we have no concrete information on the extent to which this is the case within our own association membership, there is no reason to think that our demographics differ significantly from those of the general population. Sociological reports abound that assert that the younger generations, known as Gen X and Gen Y, display real differences from previous generations in a number of ways, including but not necessarily limited to basic temperments, communication styles, workplace preferences, and association involvement. The charge to this Task Force is to create a Members' Briefing for the December Spectrum that reports on GenX Gen Y characteristics that might have significance to the future of AALL programs and services.