ARCHIVED: Government Policy Advisory Group

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TYPE: Advisory Group

PURPOSE: To advise the American Association of Law Libraries Government Relations Office (GRO) staff and the Association on topics related to public policy matters, including substantive issues such as copyright, digital access to legal information, and government information policy, and on related issues such as the AALL overall advocacy program, including advocacy on specific issues, communications with AALL members, and AALL member involvement.

CHARGE: The Government Policy Advisors (GPAs) shall assist AALL GRO to stay apprised of developments in the designated priority issue areas and may provide input and recommendations regarding potential action. Additionally, GPAs may be called upon to help new GRO staff develop expertise in AALL public policy issues. GPAs may be asked to advise GRO staff about key AALL members with knowledge about specific issues and expertise in organizing and advocacy to assist the GRO in advocacy campaigns.

AALL GRO may work with GPAs, in accordance with Association policy and in conjunction with AALL policy committees, to prepare and communicate Association positions to appropriate governmental bodies and to other interested groups while keeping the president and the Executive Board informed of all such efforts.

MEMBER QUALIFICATIONS: Specific issue area expertise; past committee or other leadership experience related to the issue and advocacy; and willingness to serve. Members must complete an AALL conflict of interest disclosure. The GPAs shall serve at the request of the AALL president and the Executive Director after consultation with the GRO.

TENURE: Each GPA shall serve a one-year term from the date of appointment, and reappointment can occur without term limits.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES/STRUCTURES: Members will serve as ex officio members of the Copyright Committee, Digital Access to Legal Information Committee, and Government Relations Committee.