ARCHIVED: Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Special Committee

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TYPE: Special Committee

PURPOSE: To make a recommendation to the Executive Board on the selection of the next General Editor for the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals.

CHARGE: The Special Committee will review the current operations of the IFLP to determine if the operation should remain at the University of California, Berkeley or if an RFP should be developed to seek other candidates for taking over the operations of IFLP, in addition to Berkeley. If the committee recommends that an RFP be developed, it would have the responsibility for drafting the RFP and for recommending a process by which the RFP responses would be evaluated.

In carrying out its charge, the Special Committee should consider and make recommendations to the Executive Board on the following, as well as any other matters that it deems relevant:

  • The history of IFLP and its relationship to AALL
  • The financial impact of the decision on AALL
  • How IFLP should be managed, edited and staffed
  • Requesting that the next General Editor of IFLP conduct a comprehensive review of current operations and develop a long-term business plan for IFLP

The Committee should prepare a preliminary report for the Executive Board, on or before December 31, 2009.

SIZE: The Committee will consist of a Chair, three members, and a non-voting Executive Board liaison. The Executive Director will serve as staff liaison.

TENURE: Members will be appointed for a term of one year, from November 2009 - November 2010.


Goal I: Leadership

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES: The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Review Special Committee will work closely with the Executive Board.