ARCHIVED: Library Procurement Process Improvements Task Force

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TYPE: Task Force

PURPOSE: To identify and endorse improvements to the procurement process that will benefit librarians and vendors.

CHARGE: The Task Force will:

  • Review existing resources on procurement, including but not limited to the Guide to Fair Business Practices and the Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources
  • Seek input from AALL members regarding issues of concern in vendor invoicing, contract clauses, and bundling practices
  • Develop a set of best practices that address the issues related to vendor invoicing and bundling practices
  • Update the Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources, paying particular attention to new developments in vendor licensing practices and to providing model language for basic licensing provisions
  • Provide opportunities throughout the process for librarians and vendors to comment on the work of the Task Force
  • Develop an implementation plan that includes seeking a commitment from law librarians and legal information providers to the new best practices and principles

The Task Force will prepare a preliminary report for the July 2012 Executive Board meeting, with a final report and recommendations for the Fall 2012 Board meeting.

SIZE: Co-Chairs plus four members; including a member of CRIV and a vendor member. In addition, the Vendor Liaison and the President will serve in ex officio roles.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES/STRUCTURES: The Task Force will solicit input and feedback from AALL members and committees (e.g., CRIV) as appropriate. The Task Force will maintain regular contact with the Task Force to Revise the AALL Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers on areas of common interest and work.