ARCHIVED: Licensing Principles for Electronic Resources Special Committee

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Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources    

Collection development and acquisitions are infinitely more complex in the digital age. In contrast to the purchase of hard copy, microforms and other non-digital formats that are based on the purchase and permanent ownership of materials, access to electronic resources is based on licensing agreements with often complex and generally non-standard access terms.

It is challenging both for librarians involved in the selection and access of electronic resources and for legal information providers who must compete to offer electronic resource products. The costs are tremendous and the challenge for vendors to provide both born-digital and converted e-resources with speed, accuracy and ease of access while maintaining the most advantageous profit margins encourage legal information vendors to constantly change and adapt pricing structures. In July 1997 AALL endorsed Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources, but rapid changes in the digital world necessitate a review of these principles.

CHARGE: The Special Committee on Licensing Principles for Electronic Resources should be composed of representatives from the three types of libraries to:  

  • review the Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources endorsed by the AALL Executive Board in July 1997;
  • revise and update them as needed;
  • consult with publishers and;
  • ensure that the Principles promote public access to legal information.    

The Special Committee shall submit an interim report to the Executive Board for its meeting in April 2003 and a final report to the Executive Board at the November 2003 meeting.

SIZE: The Special Committee will consist of a Chair and seven members. The members will be appointed by the President and serve until December 2003. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will be appointed.