ARCHIVED: Membership Publications Special Committee

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Preliminary Report - April 2004
Final Report - July 2004

CHARGE: The Special Committee on Membership Publications will examine and clarify the purpose, scope and frequency of the AALL Spectrum, AALLNET and Law Library Journal as the Association’s major communication vehicles for communicating with its various constituencies. More specifically, the AALL Spectrum has now evolved into a major public relations tool and educational venue from its origins as the Association’s newsletter. However, the Association has never re-examined some of the basic premises on which Spectrum is based, e.g. its frequency, member authorship, regular columns, etc. Additionally, AALLNET has emerged as a timely communication vehicle for communicating with members yet it is under-utilized in that capacity.

The Task Force is asked to make recommendations to the Executive Board on the following: 
  • Scope of AALLNET
  • Scope of Spectrum
  • Publication frequency for Spectrum
  • Role of each publication as a public relations tool
  • Role of each publication as a vehicle for communicating Association business with its membership

The Task Force will consult with the Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum Editorial Board, The AALL Spectrum Editorial Director, the LLJ Editor and the AALLNET Advisory Committee in analyzing these issues.

SIZE: The Task Force will have two members plus a chair. The AALL Director of Publications, the chairs of the LLJ/AALL Editorial Board and the AALLNET Advisory Committee will serve as an ex officio members of the Task Force.

An interim report will be submitted to the Board at its Spring 2004 meeting. A final report will be submitted to the Board at its first meeting in July 2004.