ARCHIVED: Member Recognition Special Committee

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CHARGE: One of AALL's Strategic Directions is Leadership - "that Law librarians will be recognized and valued as the foremost leaders and experts in legal information, research, and technology." Although AALL recognizes leadership through a number of awards, most notably the Marian Gallagher Distinguished Service Award, there is a need for additional recognition of law librarians who have made exemplary contributions to the profession and AALL.

AALL should explore additional ways to recognize and acknowledge members who have provided excellent and sustained leadership to the profession through years of service and contributions.

The Special Committee will:

  • Explore policies, practices, and procedures used by other organizations to recognize and acknowledge the contribution of their leaders and other worthy members.
  • Recommend new ways that law librarians can be recognized within AALL, including possible creation of new awards, as well as the structure, timing, format, selection criteria, and funding needed to present any new awards.
  • Suggest any other methods that might be used to honor and recognize outstanding law librarians and/or AALL members. These methods might include the creation of a "hall of fame"(or similar structure), recommending additional ribbons for members attending the Annual Meeting, possible creation of a Law Librarian Fellows or Law Library Institute designation (similar to the American Law Institute), etc. The committee should also provide proposed structure, timing, format, selection criteria, and funding needed for any new forms of recognition suggested.

The Special Committee will prepare a preliminary report for the Spring, 2009 Executive Board meeting and a final report with recommendations for Board approval for the Summer, 2009 Executive Board meeting. 

SIZE: The Committee will consist of a Chair and 2 members who will serve a one-year term starting in July 2008. A non-voting Executive Board liaison and Staff liaison will be appointed.