ARCHIVED: Open Access Task Force

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The Open Access movement seems to have gained momentum in the world of scholarly communication. While the Association of Research Libraries and their related Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) have provided leadership in the "support of timely, sustained, and reliable open access to federally funded research and encourage broad discussion on the most effective strategies to achieve this goal.", the focus has been largely in the area of scientific literature.

There are signs that the issue is becoming more mainstream. (Richard Atkinson, "A New World of Scholarly Communication" 50 Chronicle of Higher Education(11) 11/07/2003). Further, there are some initiatives pertaining to legal information that seem related to at least the principals of open access, most notably Lessig's Law Commons, Hibbitt's Pittsburgh efforts to encourage self publication and archiving, and web based law journal publications.

Open access has come to refer to a host of related issues and emphases. The charge of this special committee is to 1) identify which issues have the most practical relevance to scholarly communication in the legal arena , and might be the focus of AALL interest and 2) advise the Board on what possible roles might exist for AALL that would result in encouraging participation in this movement.

The Special Committee on Open Access will submit an interim report to the Executive Board for its meeting in April 2005, and a final report to the Executive Board at the July 2005 meeting.

Size: The Special Committee shall consist of a Chair and four members. The members shall be appointed by the President.

The member will serve one additional year and submit their final report to the Executive Board at the July 2006 meeting.

Paul George, Chair
Richard Danner
Anne Kleinefelter
George Pike
Keith Ann Stiverson
Claire Germain, Executive Board liaison