ARCHIVED: Planned Giving Special Committee

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CHARGE: The Task Force on Planned Giving is charged with developing a program to encourage members to include AALL in their estate plans. For many of our members, dues and funds to attend annual meetings are provided wholly or in large part by their employers. While our employing libraries do benefit significantly from member participation in AALL, individually each of us benefits greatly as well. The Planned Giving Program will be designed to develop further an emerging culture of individual financial contributions to the Association. The Task Force will develop the documentation, mechanisms and publicity necessary to provide our members with an opportunity to invest in AALL’s long-term financial strength.

The Executive Board has committed to deferring all other fund raising activities until the pledge of $100,000 is raised for the George Strait Minority Endowment. The targeted date for completing that pledge is July 2005. The Task Force on Planned Giving will have completed its charge so that the program can be launched as soon as $100,000 Strait pledge is met, or sooner if a major planned giving donor is identified who wishes to name the Strait endowment in their estate plan.

SIZE: The Task Force will consist of two members and a chair. The Executive Director and the Director of Finance and Administration will serve ex officio. The Task Force will complete its assignment by July 2005 and will prepare an initial report for the Executive Board at its Spring 2004 meeting.