ARCHIVED: Price Index Review Task Force

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TYPE: Task Force

PURPOSE: To review the AALL Price Index for Legal Publications, and to recommend to the Executive Board any necessary changes regarding the Index.

CHARGE: The Task Force will investigate all aspects of the AALL Price Index for Legal Publications. This review shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Investigating if the need for the Price Index still exists and is a value to AALL members
  • If the Price Index is of value to members, should it be produced differently
  • How could the work of the committee be more equitably distributed
  • If AALL should partner with another organization or individual to produce the Price Index.

The Task Force shall prepare a preliminary report for the Spring 2011 Executive Board meeting, and a final report and recommendations not later than the July 2011 Executive Board meeting.

SIZE: The Task Force shall consist of a Chair and four members who will serve until July 2011. The AALL Vendor Liaison will serve as an ex-officio member of the committee. A staff liaison will be appointed.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES/STRUCTURES: The Task Force may solicit comments from members, the SISs or other entities as warranted.