ARCHIVED: Pro Bono Partnerships Special Committee

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CHARGE: The assistance of law librarians is a valuable asset to many attorneys doing pro bono work. By participating in such collaborative efforts, law librarians provide public service while also raising their visibility within the legal community. The Special Committee shall focus on promoting and increasing cooperative efforts between law librarians and the providers of pro bono legal assistance. Specifically the Special Committee is charged to:

  • Identify successful statewide or local pro bono projects conducted by bar associations, legal aid services, and voluntary attorney networks. Explore ways to encourage AALL chapters and local law libraries to connect with these programs in a high profile way and suggest appropriate roles that law librarians can play in such projects.
  • Spotlight initiatives by librarians in all types of law libraries to assist under-served members of the public directly or to contribute research and organizational skills to their employers' pro bono activities or to support students who are fulfilling pro bono service requirements.
  • Prepare a Members' Briefing for the July 2007 issue of AALL Spectrum (deadline is May 3) which explains and spotlights some of these successful programs and provides some "Best Practices" guidance for such efforts.
  • Recommend how AALL can become involved with the Self-Represented Litigation Network of the National Center for State Courts.
  • Recommend how the work of the Special Committee can be continued by some currently-existing or newly-created AALL entity.

The Special Committee will prepare a preliminary report for the Spring 2007 Executive Board meeting and a final report with recommendations for Board approval for the July 2007 Board meeting.

SIZE: The Special Committee will consist of a Chair and 9 members, who will serve a one-year term starting in July 2006. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will be appointed.