ARCHIVED: Promoting Law Librarians to the Legal Community Special Committee

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The Special Committee on Promoting Law Librarians to the Legal Community will focus on ways for law librarians to raise their visibility, and communicate their value effectively to the practicing bar, judiciary, the media, and law school deans, as well as other significant decision-makers in the legal profession. The Committee will come up with measurable methods of success in reaching out to the legal community.
  • Explore ways to promote law librarians through writing and speaking targeted to attorneys, judges, and administrators. For instance, AALL could appoint and assign volunteers as liaisons to specific people at specific organizations. Some could be assigned to deal with so and so in the editorial department for the ABA Journal and someone else could be assigned to deal with the key programming person at LawTech. Work with the Publishing Initiatives Caucus (PIC) on this.
  • Propose ways for law librarians to emphasize their value in providing competitive advantages, making direct contributions to the bottom line, improving productivity through knowledge and training, and assisting their organizations in making better and more informed decisions.
  • Suggest organizations where a fruitful alliance could be built, and foster joint programs between that law library and the administrator's professional organization e.g., law librarians speaking at the Legal Tech meeting, inviting law firm administrators to AALL.
  • Highlight/spotlight initiatives in some libraries that push the institution forward, and that can be emulated.

CHARGE: To create a Members' Briefing for the April 2006 AALL Spectrum (deadline is January 30, 2006) that reports on the above.

The Task Force shall submit an interim report to the Executive Board for its meeting in October 2005 and a final report to the Executive Board at the Spring 2006 meeting.

SIZE: The task force shall consist of a chair and eight members. The members will be appointed by the President and serve until July 2006. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will be appointed. The staff liaison shall be the Executive Director.