ARCHIVED: Permanent Public Access to Legal Information Special Committee

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The Special Committee on Permanent Public Access to Legal Information will examine whether AALL should take an active role in helping to develop an agenda of cooperative actions to ensure the long term access to born digital legal information, and the preservation of print legal materials. It will focus on whether AALL should strengthen its relationship with LIPA (Legal Information and Preservation Alliance), which is developing a national preservation plan for digital and print legal materials.

CHARGE: To create a Members' Briefing for the December 2005 AALL Spectrum (deadline is October 3, 2005). The Committee shall submit an interim report to the Executive Board for its meeting in October 2005 and a final report to the Executive Board at the Spring 2006 meeting.

SIZE: The Special Committee shall consist of a chair and eight members. The members will be appointed by the President and serve until July 2006. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will be appointed. The staff liaison shall be the Executive Director.