ARCHIVED: Publications Committee

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Charge: The Publications Committee shall focus its work in two areas: the oversight and
review of the publications process, and the advancement of the Association's publications program.  

The Committee shall encourage participation in the AALL publications program by:

  • Advocating member, SIS, and committee participation in the AALL publications program;
  • Coordinating with the AALL Research Committee to foster
  • Publication of work done under the auspices of the AALL Research Committee;
  • Coordinating with the AALL Public Relations Committee to promote the Association as a publisher to non-AALL members and other organizations.

The Committee shall implement and periodically review the Association's publications policies and procedures, and oversee any AALL-sponsored series or serials covered by the publications procedures for which no separate editor has been appointed. The Committee shall accomplish this by:

  • Providing consultation to the board on publications policies and related issues;
  • Making recommendations to the board for changes in publications policies;
  • Evaluating proposals for new Association publications as defined in the policy;
  • Reviewing sponsored series and serials at the time of contract renewal and recommending continuation or cessation of sponsorship or contractual modifications;
  • Recommending editors for sponsored series and serials, and developing appropriate procedures for interactions between editors and the Committee, and editors and the Director of Publications and the Executive Director;
  • Working with the AALL Copyright Committee and other appropriate entities to develop copyright guidelines, policies and forms;  

Size: The Committee shall consist of a chair and six members, appointed by the Vice-President consistent with Association policies on standing committees. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will attend the Committee's meetings. The staff liaison shall be the Director of Publications.

(Approved November, 1998 Board Meeting - Tab 9A, page 2599)