ARCHIVED: Research and Publications Committee

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TYPE: Process Committee

PURPOSE: The committee serves to promote research and publication for the benefit of its members and the profession.

CHARGE: The committee shall review and propose changes to the Association's Research Agenda, work within the Association and with other library associations to encourage research, and administer the Association's research grant program  by reviewing applications, making awards, and monitoring research activities.

The committee shall promote and encourage participation in AALL publications opportunities, as well as in other non-AALL professional publications. The committee shall coordinate with the Public Relations Committee to promote the Association as a publisher to non-AALL members and other organizations.

The committee shall periodically review AALL's Publications Policy, as needed.

The committee shall oversee the AALL Publication Series and other publications, as needed. In doing so, the committee may evaluate proposals for new publications, recommend continuation or cessation of AALL sponsorship of a publication, recommend editors, and develop editorial processes, or take other actions as needed.

TIME COMMITMENT: The committee reviews applications for the Distinguished Lectureship award in November, the Wolters Kluwer research grant in December, and the LexisNexis grant in April. The amount of time spent reviewing applications depends upon the number of applications received. In the past few years, committee members have spent anywhere from three to six hours per review cycle. Additional time may be required for electronic correspondence or conference calls on other committee business or policy decisions. Committee members serving as subcommittee chairs can expect a few hours' additional time spent on associated ministerial tasks. Note: Time commitments are estimates from past assignments and can change with new projects or requests for assistance from the Executive Board.

TENURE: Membership on the committee will normally be for two years, except that the vice chair and chair will each serve three years. The returning member selected as vice chair at the end of the first year shall serve in that capacity in the second year and become chair of the committee in the third year.

SIZE: The committee will consist of a chair, vice chair, nine members, and a non-voting Executive Board liaison and staff liaison.


Goal II: Advocacy
Goal III: Education


Public Relations Committee
The committee shall consult and coordinate with the Public Relations Committee as directed in the Charge and as it determines is otherwise necessary.

Copyright Committee
When the committee encounters issues related to copyright or licensing law, it shall consult with the Copyright Committee, which has exclusive committee jurisdiction over copyright issues.