ARCHIVED: AALLNET Strategic Planning Special Committee

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The AALLNET Strategic Planning Special Committee has the responsibility for overseeing the redesign of the AALL web site (AALLNET), which will include new navigation, graphics, branding and Web 2.O capabilities.

CHARGE: The Committee is responsible for overseeing the redesign of AALLNET. This redesign will establish strong, consistent branding, continually spotlight member benefits, offer educational programming and knowledge resources in a user friendly environment, build loyalty, and foster a strong sense of community and collaboration. The redesign will position AALLNET as the premier resource for law librarians, and will also allow for real time transactions via the association management system, iMIS.

The new site will also include Web 2.0 capabilities, including collaboration/community features which include peer-to-peer communication and knowledge sharing.

In order to reach its objectives, AALLNET must provide the following support, services and tools:

  • Personalization, customization and collaborative capabilities.
  • Improved Web site analytics, data collection and reporting.
  • Improved search functionality.
  • Integration with AALL's supporting association management system (iMIS).
  • Implementation of a content management system to improve content management and format consistency.
  • Clearly defined site policies, procedures and processes for content creation/maintenance, technology infrastructure and electronic communications.
  • Ability to manage and search archived content.

In creating the new AALLNET, the Committee will consult with AALL committees, SISs, Caucuses and entity webmasters and AALL staff. It will also keep AALL members and the Executive Board informed of its progress through regular communications to the membership.

MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: Expertise in web planning, design or management is strongly preferred; an understanding of the technological needs of AALLNET users is required.

TENURE: Membership on the Committee shall be for two (2) years.

SIZE: The Committee shall consist of a Chair, three (3) members, and a non-voting Executive Board liaison. The AALLNET Committee Chair is an ex officio member. The staff liaisons are the Executive Director, the Web Administrator and the Director of Membership Marketing and Communications.


Goal I: Leadership
Goal II: Education
Goal III: Advocacy