ARCHIVED: AALL Centennial Planning Task Force Final Report

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(October, 2002)

The Centennial Planning Task Force hereby submits its final report to the Executive Board of the American Association of Law Libraries. The Task Force completed its work with two meetings and the exchange of email and documents. The first meeting was held February 4, 2002, in Chicago and the second on July 19, 2002, in Orlando.

The recommendations from the Task Force are included in a series of charts. We found it impossible to be more detailed or directive since the funding of various events and activities depends on a number of factors including private fund raising. Therefore, the Centennial Celebration Committee will have to select from among these potential events and activities. Some depend on receiving outside funding, and only that Committee will be in a position to determine whether funds have been identified to cover the event or activity as more specific plans are developed.

The Task Force has recommended a variety of events to celebrate from the 2005 Annual Meeting through that of 2006. Recommendations include publications that focus on the history of the association and law libraries, special events at the convention, a $1 million Centennial Scholarship Fund, chapter and SIS events and publications as well as special historical exhibits and Centennial commemorative items to sell during the meetings. Publicity to highlight events and the Centennial itself is crucial.

The Centennial Celebration Committee likely will need to appoint various subcommittees or task forces to assist regular committees during the times covered by planning for the celebration. For example, the Public Relations Committee may need to be expanded and a subcommittee to assist the webmaster with creating the history part of the Association’s website would be very helpful.

  1. Potential Events and Activities – This chart details all of the potential events for the celebration in 2005 and 2006. It includes information on funding of the event and some description, when necessary, along with the committee or person whom we recommend assume responsibility for the event. The final page is an appendix of other events and activities considered but rejected.
  2. Timeline by Topic – This chart is arranged by topic with various planning times indicated for activities and events covered by that topic.
  3. Combined Timeline by Date for Planning Events and Activities – This chart is arranged by date and details when planning must begin for the event.

Respectfully submitted

Laura N. Gasaway, Chair
Richard Amelung
Carol D. Billings
Paul D. Healey
Frank G. Houdek
Dwight King
Kathleen S. Martin
Anne C. Matthewman
Joan Shear

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