ARCHIVED: About Committees: Headquarters Responsibilities to Committees

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The information on this page is out of date.  The updated page can be found here.

The following are general responsibilities applicable to all committees. Some committees have special headquarters relationships.

  1. Distribution of documentation: Headquarters will distribute a master calendar for the year and the committee handbook, to each new committee chair at the time of acceptance of appointment to a committee.
  2. Staff support: Headquarters staff will assist with routine clerical tasks. The chair should consult with the Executive Director for support on specific projects. Projects which can be handled include mailings to members of AALL and mass mailings in support of Association activities being conducted by committees.
  3. Agenda items and committee reports: Headquarters will collect and assemble committee materials for distribution to the Executive Board for agenda consideration by the Board. All agenda items are sent to the Executive Director.
  4. Annual meeting support: Headquarters will lend support to committees at the convention by scheduling meeting space, providing duplicating services and offering other remote office functions.
  5. Magazine and other publication: AALL magazine production is being done at headquarters. All items for publication are to be sent to the Editor for consideration, unless material is to be included in a regular column. Headquarters can assist with production of those documents, and other announcements which are published in the magazine every year by committees.
  6. "Tickler" service: Headquarters will continue to provide a "tickler" service to committee chairs, reminding them of deadlines for filing reports, reserving meeting space, etc. The following reminders are mailed each year to committee chairs:
    • Request for Annual Reports
    • Solicit agenda items for Board Meeting
    • Solicit comments on strategic plan
    • Solicit budget requests
    • Annual Meeting Mailings
  7. Maintenance of Committee Handbook: Headquarters will incorporate into the Standing Committee Handbook Board actions that cause changes or modifications, e.g. modifications of committee charges, changes in general committee procedures, creation of new standing committees, etc.