ARCHIVED: Committee on Relations with Information Vendors (CRIV)

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Vendor Relations

TYPE: Policy Committee

PURPOSE: The Committee shall facilitate communications between information vendors and the members of the Association by monitoring complaints and providing constructive suggestions to vendors of information in any format. The Committee shall educate members on constructive ways to communicate with information vendors.

CHARGE: The Committee shall foster positive, constructive and open communication between information vendors and the membership of AALL in matters relating to provision of information in any format. The Committee shall support ongoing AALL educational initiatives and provide continuing educational opportunities for both AALL members and information vendors. The Committee shall serve as a forum and resource to provide constructive suggestions to vendors. The Committee shall foster a cooperative working relationship between librarians and information vendors. The Committee will select one (1) or more recipients every year for the New Product Award, or no recipient if it deems none of the nominees sufficiently qualified, and will submit the winning recipient's name(s) to the Awards Committee.

The Committee represents the interests of all AALL members, and neither it nor its members will represent or advocate for the benefit of only one publisher or information vendor when acting in their capacity as committee members.

TIME COMMITMENT: Committee members average about 3-5 hours per month including the monthly conference call. Depending on the subcommittee assignment, monthly time commitments vary throughout the year. The program/education subcommittee will be very busy right after the annual meeting developing proposals. Subcommittee members involved with accepted programs will have continuing work to do. The New Product Award committee will be busy evaluating nominations for a final recommendation with the majority of the work being in February-March. The Member Advocacy subcommittee is most likely to have work throughout the year. The CRIV Sheet Committee will be busy meeting deadlines for each issue. Note: Time commitments are estimates from past assignments and can change with new projects or requests for assistance from the Executive Board.

MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: All members must submit a conflict of interest statement in accordance with the AALL Conflict of Interest Policy. When appointing members to subcommittees or to work on particular tasks, the chair shall use his or her best judgment to avoid any real or perceived bias or conflict of interest.

TENURE: Membership on the Committee shall normally be for three (3) years. The returning member selected as Vice Chair at the end of the first year will serve in that capacity in the second year, and become Chair in the third year.

SIZE: The Committee shall normally consist of a Chair, Vice Chair nine (9) members, and a non-voting Executive Board liaison. When making appointments to this committee, the President-elect will strive to achieve a balance among the interests of members employed in different settings, and consider the potential impact of publisher interests on the work of the committee. When appointing the Chair of the committee, the President-elect shall use his or her best judgment to avoid any potential or perceived conflict of interest.


Goal II: Education
Goal III: Advocacy

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES: CRIV works with the Annual Meeting Program, Awards, Continuing Professional Education, and the Price Index for Legal Publications Committees.