ARCHIVED: Diversity Committee

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TYPE: Process Committee

PURPOSE: The Committee serves to ensure the diversity of AALL membership.

CHARGE: The Committee shall be charged with:

  • Identifying issues related to maximizing the diversity of AALL membership
  • Celebrating the benefits and possibilities of a diverse and complex membership
  • Recognizing and celebrating the richness of an active, diverse membership
  • Advising the Board on mechanisms and programs that encourage a diverse and complex membership
  • Encouraging active participation by the whole membership including identifying barriers and how to remove them
  • Enriching the Association and the profession through extensive integration of multiple perspectives and experiences
  • Determining the winner of the AALL Minority Leadership Development Award

TIME COMMITMENT: The Diversity Symposium planning starts right after the previous annual meeting. The AALL Minority Leadership Development Award selection is during the spring. Most of the Committee members average about 2 hours a month on general Committee work, including a monthly conference call. The chair, vice-chair, and the symposium coordinator spend additional time averaging an additional 1 to 2 hours per month. The subcommittees, public relations and special projects, can also require additional time. Note: Time commitments are estimates from past assignments and can change with new projects or requests for assistance from the Executive Board.

TENURE: Membership on the Committee shall normally be for two (2) years, except that the Vice Chair and Chair will each serve three (3) years. The member selected as Vice Chair at the end of the first year will serve in that capacity in the second year, and become Chair in the third year.

SIZE: The Committee shall normally consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, five (5) members, and a non-voting Executive Board liaison.


Goal I: Authority
Goal II: Education

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES: The Committee works with the Annual Meeting Program, Awards, Nominations , Recruitment to Law Librarianship, and Scholarships committees. The Committee also works with the Grants Committee to screen for duplication in the awarding of the AALL Minority Leadership Development Award.