ARCHIVED: AALLNET Advisory Committee

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This charge has been updated.  For the current charge click here.


2008-2009 Charge

PURPOSE: The AALLNET Committee has the ultimate authority and responsibility for the AALL web site.

CHARGE: Governed by the AALLNET policy approved by the Executive Board, the AALLNET Committee has the ultimate authority and responsibility for the AALL web site.

The Committee maintains relationships with Chapters, AALL entities, and individual content providers, to ensure that their materials are available and current, or linked to AALLNET. The Committee also advises the AALLNET Coordinator in the development of policies and procedures for adding and maintaining AALLNET content.

Sets and monitors guidelines for the management of AALLNET and the host site, including content, visual design, organization, management, relationships with content providers, types of links to other sites, and the possible impact of AALLNET on AALL revenues.

Periodically reviews the content and links on AALLNET to ensure that they comply with the AALLNET policy and guidelines and goals of AALL, law librarianship and the legal community.

MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: Expertise in web planning, design or management is strongly preferred; an understanding of the technological needs of AALLNET users is required.

TENURE: Membership on the Committee shall be for three years. The returning member selected as Vice Chair at the end of the first year shall serve in that capacity in the second year and become Chair of the committee in the third year.

SIZE: The committee shall normally consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, five members, and a non-voting Executive Board liaison. The LLJ/Spectrum Chair and the AALLNET Coordinator are ex officio members. The staff liaisons are generally the AALL Network Administrator and the Web Administrator.


Goal I: Leadership
Goal II: Education
Goal III: Advocacy

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES/STRUCTURES: AALLNET Chair serves as ex officio member of the LLJ/Spectrum Committee. The LLJ/Spectrum committee chair serves as ex officio member of this committee. This Committee also maintains relationships with Chapters, AALL entities and individual content providers.