ARCHIVED: Leadership Development Special Committee

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This charge has been updated.  For the current charge click here.


CHARGE: One of AALL's Strategic Directions is Leadership - "that Law librarians will be recognized and valued as the foremost leaders and experts in legal information, research, and technology." Periodically AALL has sponsored various leadership training programs, including most recently a very successful Management and Leadership Institute developed under the Continuing Professional Education grant program. To fully support the Leadership strategic direction, however, AALL must ensure that leadership training opportunities are made available on a continuing basis.

Many of those who currently hold leadership positions in the Association are nearing retirement, so it is now critically important that new leaders be identified and trained. Many library organizations hold annual leadership institutes to provide upcoming leaders the opportunity to develop their skills. It is time for AALL to do make such a commitment to the future. AALL also needs to develop a regular mechanism for identifying, mentoring, and keeping track of the progress of nascent leaders.

The Special Committee will:

  • Explore policies, practices, and funding mechanisms used by other organizations to train new leaders
  • Recommend the structure, timing, format, selection criteria, and funding needed to provide for an annual AALL leadership development program
  • Plan the first annual leadership program for Spring, 2008 (or as soon as possible thereafter) including recommending structure, speakers, and selection criteria, in coordination with the Continuing Professional Education Committee
  • Recommend ways that AALL can identify potential leaders, keep track of information about them, and make this information accessible to nominations and appointments committees, officers, or others who may need to identify leaders. This should include recommending a process to create and maintain a closed "rising star" database to be used for committee appointments or other appropriate purposes.
  • Suggest any other methods that might be used to mentor and develop potential leaders

The Special Committee will prepare a preliminary report for the Spring, 2008 Executive Board meeting and a final report with recommendations for Board approval for the Summer, 2008 Executive Board meeting.

SIZE: The Committee will consist of a Chair and 6 members who will serve a one-year term starting in July 2007. A non-voting Executive Board liaison will be appointed.