ARCHIVED: Recruitment to Law Librarianship Committee (Prior to March 2007)

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This charge has been updated.  For the current charge click here.


CHARGE: The Law Librarian Recruitment Committee shall encourage qualified candidates to enter the profession of law librarianship by:
  • Preparing informative materials describing opportunities in law librarianship;
  • Coordinating with Headquarters to distribute information on law librarianship annual to library schools, law schools, paralegal programs, bar associations and other target groups;
  • Answering questions from individuals who contact headquarters inquiring about the profession;
  • Preparing career day programs and materials and making them available to chapter and individual members;
  • Coordinating with the Membership and Retention Committee to request funding annually to staff booths at career conferences, and at meetings of library, legal, paralegal and similar associations;
  • Encouraging and supporting chapter law librarian recruitment efforts;
  • Coordinating with the Diversity Committee to provide particular support for law librarian recruitment efforts directed towards diverse populations;
  • Educating the membership on the importance of law librarian recruitment and encouraging individuals to promote law librarianship on a personal level;
  • Developing other methods to promote law librarianship as a career.
(Approved by the Executive Board, October, 1999 Board Meeting – Tab 8, 8A, page 2768-2769)

SIZE:  The Committee shall consist of eight committee members plus a chair.