ARCHIVED: Recruitment to Law Librarianship Committee Annual Report 2006-07

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With a revised charge, the Recruitment to Law Librarianship Committee had an active year, focusing on its mission to serve as a clearinghouse of law librarianship education and career information for prospective law librarians.

Committee members were Chair, Ann Clifford Green, Eric W. Brust, Jennifer Meger, Diane Murley, Sara R. Paul, Michael Saint-Onge, Leah Sandwell-Weiss, Barbara G. Traub, Maureen D. Well and Amy J. Wright.

Member Diane Murley served as the committee's webmaster. She added many relevant articles to the webpage over the past year including "A Day in the Life of a Law Librarian," the Winter 2007 themed issue of Law Library Lights, and an LLRX article by George Butterfiled titled "Is a J.D. Necessary for Law Librarians?" from June 25, 2007.

Committee member Sara Paul represented the Recruitment Committee and AALL at a webinar (web-based seminar) for paralegals and legal assistants on other legal careers. It was hosted by the International Paralegal Management Association on October 5, 2007. Sara spoke about her career path and how AALL has enhanced her professional life.

The chair responded to inquiries from people interested in pursuing careers in law librarianship sent from the RLLC's website contact form. In response, she sent out a form letter via email to start a dialog with the prospective law librarian. Frequently, the initial response was followed up by a telephone call or email from another committee member.

Questions were fielded about graduate education, career opportunities, the future of the job market, and the various opportunities available in the various sectors of law librarianship including academic, court, government, law firm and special libraries. Many questions were from lawyers or other librarians interested in alternative careers.

The RLLC thanks all the members of AALL and its chapters for their personal and chapter-wide efforts to promote law librarianship during the year. Many chapters have been active and have reported their success to the RLLC. The Recruitment Committee plans to expand on these chapter relationships in the future.

Ann Clifford Green and committee member Barbara Traub represented the Recruitment Committee at the CONELL Marketplace in New Orleans. The committee hosted a table in the activities area of the Exhibit Hall. They handed out business cards with the slogan "What's it Like to be a Law Librarian." The cards had links to the RLLC and AALL webpages.

Barbara Traub will chair the Recruitment Committee in the 2007–08 year.

Ann Clifford Green, Chair