ARCHIVED: AALLNET Mission, Policies and Guidelines (Revised April 2014)

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Approved July 1996, Board Meeting, Minutes: Tab 16
Revised October 1999, Board Meeting, Minutes: Tab 11A

I. AALLNET Mission Statement

AALLNET is the official Internet site of AALL.

First and foremost AALLNET exists to foster the Mission and Strategic Plan of AALL. AALLNET promotes law librarians, law librarianship and the Association itself to as wide an audience as possible. Recognizing that websites are accessed by millions of people, AALLNET projects an image and contains information of the highest quality. AALLNET guarantees open access while at the same time protecting information from unauthorized usage.

AALLNET is an important tool for conducting Association business. It contains up-to-date information that will be useful to members, as well as historical or archival information that will enable members to research the Association's past, such as Board minutes, workshops, conventions and position papers.

AALLNET is used whenever appropriate to provide efficient and cost effective access to information, AALL assures access to information that is made available on AALLNET to those members who may not have access to electronic resources.

AALLNET is an important marketing tool that is used to solicit feedback from members and other, to promote its products and services, and allow members and others to order electronically publications and register for educational programs.

AALLNET selectively provides links to databases and other relevant sites across the Internet.

II. Policies Governing AALL Entities Who Post to AALLNET

  1. AALLNET contains all electronic publications (and those that can be scanned) of the Association or its subgroups.
  2. AALLNET contains the full text of materials that are distributed free to members; for those materials that generate income, a summary may be posted to AALLNET with a method to order electronically the full text.
  3. AALLNET contains links to other sites that are of interest to members and the legal community, including professional library and legal associations and government sites.
  4. Documents that meet all three of the following criteria are eligible for posting without prior approval.
    1. Submitted by a Content Provider, a member who serves in an official position, elected or appointed, within AALL.
    2. Pertains to the Content Provider's area of assigned responsibility.
    3. Meets one of the following qualifications:
      1. Pertains to association business, including (but not limited to): Committee Reports, Board Documents, Press Releases and Association Policies.
      2. Produced by an outside organization and approved by a Content Provider.
  5. All AALL documents on AALLNET have the AALL logo and copyright, the Content Provider's and/or the author's name, the title, the date the document was drafted and the date posted to AALLNET.

III. Policies for Chapter and SIS Websites

  1. AALLNET serves as a host to Chapter and SIS websites.
  2. Chapters and SISs are responsible for content, format, maintenance and all postings for their respective sites.

IV. Responsibilities

  1. AALLNET Committee.
    1. Governed by the AALLNET Policy approved by the Executive Board, the AALLNET Committee has oversight responsibility for the AALL website.
    2. Maintains relationships with Chapters, AALL Entities and individual Content Providers to ensure their materials are available and current, or linked to AALLNET.
    3. Recommends to the AALL Executive Board policies regarding the content and format of AALLNET.
    4. Sets and monitors guidelines for the management of AALLNET and the host site, including content, visual design, organization, management, relationships with Content Providers, types of links to other sites, and the possible impact of AALLNET on AALL revenues.
    5. Periodically reviews the content and links on AALLNET to ensure they comply with the AALLNET policy and guidelines and the goals of AALL, law librarianship and the legal community.
    6. Web Administrator and DBA/Network Administrator serve as technical and staff liaisons.
  2. Executive Director
    1. Implements the policies and procedures governing AALLNET.
    2. Consults regularly with the AALLNET Committee.
    3. Oversees the work of the Web Administrator, and DBA/Network Administrator.
    4. Reviews and approves requests for staff-intensive projects from AALL Entities and Content Providers.
  3. Web Administrator (Reports to Executive Director)
    1. Manages and supports the AALLNET website at headquarters. This includes visual design, organization of the site, scheduling and performing updates to individual pages, researching and implementing new features as technology allows.
    2. Collects information from Content Providers.
    3. Provides links to Chapter and SIS websites.
    4. Coordinates headquarters staff in identifying and selecting association reports and other document for AALLNET.
    5. Formats the information that is loaded on AALLNET while trying to maintain the Content Provider's format whenever possible. Reformatting may be necessary to maintain uniformity with other AALLNET documents.
    6. Maintains the "look and feel" of AALLNET under approved guidelines.
    7. Serves as technical and staff liaison on AALLNET Committee.
    8. Creates and maintains association discussion lists.
  4. Content Providers
    1. Assume responsibility for content, accuracy and updating of their information on AALLNET.
    2. Provide their information in electronic format to the Web Administrator to post on AALLNET.
    3. Provide the format of their materials with the agreement of the Web Administrator.

V. Policies governing the Members Only Section:

The AALLNET Members Only Section, MOS, is intended to foster the rights and privileges of belonging to and supporting AALL. Consistent with other Association policies extending discounts on products and services to members, AALL members are entitled to receive exclusive benefits, and the MOS is one such benefit.

The AALLNET Committee oversees the AALL website, the policies governing it, and uses established criteria to judge whether or not information will be placed in the MOS. In each case, criteria are used flexibly to guide good judgment and informed decision-making. Further, in each case, the Advisory Committee consults widely with other AALL entities, such as committees and SISs, who may have a stake in their decisions, to assure that the Advisory Committee's decisions have the support of affected entities.

The AALLNET Committee shall consider the financial impact of placing information in the MOS.

In each instance where information is placed in the MOS, the AALLNET Committee will decide whether the information is reserved exclusively for members, or whether access to it can be obtained by payment of a fee or through some other arrangement.

  1. Categories of information that may be placed in the Members Only Section:
    1. Information that was developed, organized, compiled, or published with the use of dues income, such as the membership directory, and articles in the LLJ or AALL Spectrum, may be placed in the MOS.
    2. Information that represents a clear and tangible benefit of membership, such as salary survey results, may be placed in the MOS.
    3. Information that has broad appeal or benefit to law librarians who are Association members, such as or the Price Index to Legal Publications, may be placed in the MOS.
  2. Categories of information that are not intended to be placed in the Members Only Section:
    1. Information that promotes law librarians or the Association to other outside groups will not be placed in the MOS.
    2. Information that is of benefit to students or job seekers will not be placed in the MOS.
    3. Information that promotes the attendance at AALL educational programs, or the sale of AALL products will not be placed in the MOS.
  3. The AALLNET Committee shall consider the financial impact of placing information in the MOS
  4. In each instance where information is placed in the MOS, the AALLNET Committee will decide whether the information is reserved exlusively for members, or whether access to it can be obtained by payment of a fee or through some other arrangement.

VI. Policies governing advertising and donor recognition on AALLNET

Consistent with the Association's practices governing and encouraging advertising in other media, such as LLJ, AALL Spectrum, and Annual Meeting printed programs, advertising is appropriate on AALLNET. Advertising adds value to the Association's membership by informing them about products and services that are useful to them. Advertising on AALLNET will follow current Association practices covering content and placement that places responsibility for content on the advertiser. Advertising on AALLNET will be appropriate to the AALL audience and it will be as unobtrusive as possible. Advertising will be incorporated on AALLNET in one of the following ways:

  1. Sponsorships: Major donors to AALL activities will be given appropriate recognition in those sections of AALLNET that promote products or services supported by their contributions. This recognition, and a link to the donors' website, will be determined on a case by case basis through negotiations between the donor and the Executive Director.
  2. Individual contributors: Individual contributors may be recognized on AALLNET.
  3. Annual Meeting Exhibitors: this section will recognize the value of exhibiting at AALL by listing exhibitors for a three-month period immediately preceding and for one month immediately following the Annual Meeting, and by offering exhibitors links to their websites.