ARCHIVED: AALL Strategic Directions 2005-2010

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In July 2005, the AALL Executive Board adopted a new strategic plan (called "strategic directions") for the years 2005- 2010 at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio. These strategies for the future will strengthen our core purpose and values, and will give us the direction and flexibility needed to grow as an organization, while placing primary focus on our members.

Core Purpose of AALL

AALL strengthens the profession of law librarianship and supports the individual efforts of our members.

Core Values of AALL

AALL values:

  • Lifelong learning and intellectual growth
  • The role of the law librarian in a democratic society
  • Equitable and permanent access to legal information
  • Continuous improvement in the quality of justice
  • Community



Law librarians will be recognized and valued as the foremost leaders and experts in legal information, research, and technology.


  • Provide tools to increase members’ abilities to position themselves as essential to the mission of their organizations
  • Provide leadership training opportunities
  • Expand mentoring programs and opportunities
  • Increase AALL participation in organizations within the legal and library communities


Law librarians will have the education and training they need to meet and leverage the challenges of the changing information environment.


  • Expand the scope of educational offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of members
  • Develop partnerships to increase the range of educational offerings
  • Use a wide range of delivery means and opportunities to provide education beyond the Annual Meeting
  • Increase the number of library school programs for law librarianship and increase awareness of law librarianship as a profession
  • Increase the number and amount of grants and scholarships


Law librarians will influence the outcome of legal information, technology policy, and librarianship issues of concern to AALL members.


  • Increase resources available for advocacy efforts
  • Continue to expand international role
  • Improve grassroots participation in advocacy efforts