ARCHIVED: AALL Chapter Alliance

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AALL's Ad Hoc Chapter Relations Advisory Group, established in 1996, worked to learn about AALL chapters and find ways our national and local/regional organizations could work more effectively together. Using input from many chapter leaders, the Group identified a number of areas where AALL and chapters could share expertise and resources, and cooperate to benefit members. With their collective creativity and commitment to the effort, the Group developed a Vision and Objectives for an AALL-Chapter Alliance, based on the fundamental beliefs that both organizations share about the law library profession.

At its February 28, 1997 meeting, the AALL Executive Board demonstrated Its support of these objectives by authorizing funding for several communication and training efforts to benefit chapter leaders. The quarterly Chapter Leadership Bulletin, which ran from 1997 through 2002, was one step in improving communication. The bulletin was replaced in 2004 by the Chapter Council Chat, an electronic newsletter. Both were designed to make the jobs of chapter leaders easier by providing useful information about chapters and AALL resources. A series of roundtable sessions at the AALL Annual Meetings offer chapter leaders a chance to share information with one another, as well as hear from AALL staff with specific expertise in areas such as finance, public relations, newsletters, and program planning.


AALL and the Chapters are united in a mutually supportive alliance to enhance the profession of law librarianship.


  • Law Librarians serve an important role in society, and AALL and the chapters promote and enhance that role.
  • Needs and interests of law librarians and law libraries are paramount in guiding the activities of AALL and the chapters nationally and regionally.
  • AALL and the chapters work closely and collaboratively to meet the needs and interests of law librarians.
  • Individual members of AALL and the chapters benefit by their participation in their professional organizations.
  • Mutual respect and shared responsibility are key components of the relationship between AALL and the chapters.
  • Frequent two-way communication is essential to the success and effectiveness of both the AALL and the chapters.

AALL and the chapters will benefit their members by:
  • Promoting the value of law librarians and libraries to employers and other users of legal information.
  • Developing and ratifying public policy statements when it is essential for the profession to speak with one voice.
  • Creating and supporting a variety of educational opportunities for members.
  • Developing leaders and providing ongoing leadership training and support.
  • Recruiting and retaining members and involving them in the AALL and chapter activities.
  • Engaging in frequent and effective two-way communication.
  • Creating, collecting and sharing information and resources of mutual benefit.
  • Establishing effective governance structures and resources to support the AALL and the chapter alliance.