ARCHIVED: Chapters and the AALL Annual Meeting (June 2013)

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Annual Meeting Events

  1. Leadership Training Session
  2. Professional Development Training
  3. Chapter Presidents/VPs & SIS Chairs/Chairs-Elect Luncheon
  4. Council of Chapter Presidents Annual Business Meeting
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  5. Chapter Leadership Roundtables
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  6. Scheduling a Function at an AALL Annual Meeting
  7. Annual Meeting Chapter VIP Program   
  8. Chapter Registration Awards for the AALL Annual Meeting
  9. Chapter Registration Awards Schedule
  10. Activities Area - Chapter Displays at the Annual Meeting

Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents Leadership Training Session

AALL sponsors a yearly training session for chapter presidents and vice presidents, through the Council of Chapter Presidents. Chapters are an integral part of AALL and it is to the benefit of both the chapter and AALL for chapter presidents to know how AALL operates and how to find out information. To that end, the training session brings together the chapter leadership with AALL leaders and staff and presents orientation to AALL and its services. The focus of the training session is on helping chapter leadership to become effective and efficient in the discharge of its duties, in order to facilitate growth in the chapters and AALL. During the training session, information on the operating procedures will be presented. Services that AALL can offer the chapters are outlined, and AALL's expectations of its chapters are explained. A very popular component of the training has been the break-out discussion groups. These are usually led by former chapter presidents or AALL staff and allow the chapters' leadership to share their ideas and knowledge with one another. Topics in the past have included government relations, budgeting, chapter visits, and recruitments.

Chapters are asked to send their president and vice president/president-elect. The training is typically held on the Saturday of the Annual Meeting. Depending on the geographic location of the Annual Meeting and the time the training is scheduled to begin, this may mean that attendees will need to arrive at the Annual Meeting on Friday. Financial assistance may be available to individuals to help defray expenses which cannot be paid by their chapter.

Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents Professional Development Training

AALL sponsors a yearly workshop for chapter leadership on the topic of program planning. The workshop covers the basic principles of professional development programming - analyzing, developing, designing, implementing, and evaluating programs.

Chapters are asked to send their president, vice-president/president-elect and/or the person in charge of chapter program planning for the following year. The training is typically held on the Saturday of the Annual Meeting.

Chapter Presidents/VPs & SIS Chairs/Chairs-Elect Luncheon

A luncheon bringing together chapter and SIS leadership is typically scheduled the same day as the Leadership Training, which is traditionally on the Saturday of the Annual Meeting. The program varies from year to year, but attendees can usually expect to hear at least one speaker addressing issue(s) of shared importance to these two pivotal groups within AALL. However, the focus of the function generally has been to provide an environment for chapter and SIS leaders to informally meet and get to know one another during lunch. The luncheon has traditionally been offered at no charge, but there is always the possibility it will have to be changed to a ticketed event, depending on the then-current finances of AALL.

Council of Chapter Presidents Annual Business Meeting

The Bylaws of the Council of Chapter Presidents (COCP) require that the Council meet once a year at AALL's Annual Meeting. The COCP Annual Meeting is traditionally scheduled on the same day as the Leadership Training, which is typically the Saturday of the Annual Meeting. The Council Chair will solicit Council members for agenda items and create the agenda for the meeting. Obviously, the nature and amount of business to be conducted varies with the particular membership of the Council for any given year. While both the President and Vice President of each chapter are encouraged to attend and participate, each chapter has only one vote. If neither of these two officers can attend, chapter presidents are encouraged to name an alternate delegate, preferably from the ranks of the chapter's current officers or committee chairs. Of course, the meeting is open to any interested chapter member who wishes to observe.

Chapter Leadership Roundtables

Chapter Leaders are invited to participate in a series of Leadership Roundtable Discussions which focus on activities of interest and relevance to chapters. Each Roundtable will be led by an AALL staff member or AALL leader who has knowledge of and experience with the topic. These sessions also provide opportunities for chapter leaders to share information with each other and to learn about successful chapter experiences.

Topics for past Roundtables have included Membership Development, Public Relations, Chapter Treasurer Training, Chapter Government Relations, Meeting Management and the Council of Newsletter Editors. All Leadership Roundtables are open to all chapter members, except for the sessions involving treasurers and newsletter editors. They are scheduled at various times and days throughout the Annual Meeting. Chapter representatives participating in the Roundtables will need to check the Final Program to learn the room assignment.

Typically, the people who will be chapter president at the time of the Annual Meeting are contacted by the Council Chair to coordinate their chapter's efforts to be represented at the Leadership Roundtable Discussions. The goal is to ensure that each chapter has at least one representative at each session. When you receive the Roundtable information, please review it with your Board and/or committee chairs to help determine which topics are of interest to your group.

Chapter leaders are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to share information and to learn more about handling chapter issues.

Scheduling a Function at an AALL Annual Meeting

All chapter presidents will receive a notification in the fall explaining how to schedule a chapter function at the next AALL Annual Meeting and giving the deadlines for reserving space. This notification will include options for room set-up and billing, and the dates and times available for functions.

Chapters will be contacted by AALL headquarters to confirm their plans in the spring. This confirmation mailing will include menus and costs for meal functions, the costs of audio-visual equipment, information on the last possible date to make changes in plans and the date at which a final guarantee of attendance for meal functions is required.

Chapter Registration Awards for the AALL Annual Meeting

Each Annual Meeting, AALL underwrites one free full registration for ten chapters. It is the intent that the award is presented to newer members of AALL, who meet whatever other criteria the awarding Chapter may determine.

By providing an opportunity for a newer member to attend an annual meeting, everyone benefits-the member, the Chapter and AALL. AALL's goal is to provide an enriching and valuable experience as the member learns and networks with colleagues from across the country. The result for the chapter and AALL is a member who supports and participates in her or his professional association, both locally and nationally.

Recipients receive recognition in the Awards Brochure. Chapters receiving awards are typically notified in February and have until April 1 to select a recipient.

Activities Area - Chapter Displays at the Annual Meeting

The Association provides space at the Annual Meeting for chapters, SISs committees and caucuses to display materials illustrative of the work of these groups. This is a display area only; sales are not permitted.

  • AALL headquarters contacts each chapter president regarding participation in the Activities Area.
  • Chapters are encouraged to provide items such as brochures, chapter publications, reports of projects, posters, etc. for the display.
  • Materials can usually be mailed to the Convention Center in advance of the Annual Meeting, or arrangements can be made to deliver the materials to the Activities Area the day before the area opens. Shipping instructions are sent to the chapters that reserve tables.
  • Chapters are responsible for setting up, dismantling, and staffing their display during the Annual Meeting.
  • At the present time, chapters are not charged for space, table, or freight. Chapters will be billed for electrical hookups and equipment rental.