ARCHIVED: AALL Chapter Visits 11-30-07

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AALL has a commitment to its chapters to keep each informed of national issues and the activities of the Association. To that end, the Association sponsors the attendance of someone from the Executive Board to visit each chapter on an annual basis.

The Executive Board of the American Association of Law Libraries recognizes the importance of chapter visits in the life of the Association. These visits provide an opportunity for Executive Board members to meet with members of chapters and to hear their suggestions and concerns about issues confronting the profession and the Association. The visits afford an occasion for Executive Board members to inform chapter members about Association activities and policies as well as to meet law librarians on a one-to-one basis. These visits are critical to the vitality of the Association.

AALL Chapter Visits Policy (Revision Adopted 2/98)

Each chapter will have the opportunity for a visit from the President, Vice-President/ President-Elect, or Immediate Past President, every third year. In the intervening years, the chapter will be eligible for visits from other board members.

  1. The chapter may request a specific person from each group, however the visitor will be assigned based upon individual schedules.
  2. If the chapter is celebrating a particular event or having a special program in a particular year, an attempt will be made to honor the request for the President, Vice-President, or Immediate Past President to visit the chapter even though the chapter may not be scheduled for a visit that year. If none of these persons can accept the invitation, another Executive Board Member may fulfill the request (see A.)
  3. In the event of a multi-chapter or regional meetings, the chapter visit will be "charged" only to the chapter issuing the invitation.

AALL Chapter Visits Procedures

  1. Scheduling

    1. In May of each year, the chapters will be informed of the chapter visit rotation schedule and the chapter's place on it for the next program year (July to July).
    2. The Chapter President will complete and return the Chapter Visit Request Form to the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director by the specified date.
    3. The Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, in conjuction with the President, will manage the scheduling process.
  2. Expenses

    1. It is hoped that when possible, the chapter will share the expenses related to a chapter visit.
    2. It is expected that the chapter shall waive registration fees for the board visitor.
    3. The chapter may also assume the cost of accommodations, meals and ground transportation. The Association will assume costs for transportation to and from the chapter visit as well as housing and meal costs if the chapter is unable to afford them.
    4. The Finance and Budget Committee of the Executive Board will budget to cover the cost of maintaining a chapter visit program.
    5. Chapters will indicate the type and/or amount of financial assistance needed to support a visit by an Executive Board Member on the Chapter Visit Request Form.

Checklist for AALL Chapter Visits

____ 1. Chapter Visit Request forms will be sent to the chapter presidents during the third week of August each year. Since the number of chapters is now 31, it is impossible for the president to visit each chapter annually so a rotation schedule has been developed.


____ 2. The Chapter Visit Request form must be returned to the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director by the deadline on the form or as soon as the chapter meeting dates are available.

____ 3. The Executive Assistant to the Executive Director will present all Chapter requests to the AALL President who will confirm all visits. The Executive Assistant will then contact the chapter and confirm their visitor.

____ 4. After receiving the name of the AALL visitor, the chapter president should contact the board visitor, informing her or him of the location, date/time of the chapter function and discussing other arrangements.

____ 5. Along with the chapter program, a biography of the chapter and any interesting facts concerning the chapter should be sent to the AALL representative. This will enable the representative to converse more easily with members and will better assist her/him during the chapter visit.

____ 6. The AALL representative is prepared to speak to the chapter about AALL activities. If you are conducting an educational program, and would like the representative to participate, please advice her/him how long you would like her/him to talk and if there is a particular area of the association's business you would like emphasized.


____ 7. The chapter president may request a C.V. or resume of the visitor from the Director of Publications. This will be useful when preparing publicity for the meeting as well as the introduction of the AALL representative's talk.


____ 8. The AALL representative hopes to attend a chapter board meeting as an observer. It is also helpful if you can arrange lunch or some other gathering between the AALL visitor and members of your chapter. This type of social gathering will allow everyone to get to know each other a little better and should provide useful insights into the different organizations.


____ 9. If time is available, arrange for visits to area law libraries and library schools that might be of interest to the visitor. Discuss these possibilities with your visitor before making any specific plans.


____ 10. When the chapter begins to publicize the chapter meeting at which the AALL representative will participate, copies of the announcement(s) should be sent to the board member and to the Director of Publications.


____ 11. It can be beneficial, to both the chapter president and the AALL representative, to assign a member of the chapter to act as an "official" host. Possible duties include: calling the board member in advance to inquire into any specific needs or desires, meeting them at the airport, and escorting them to the chapter event. Oftentimes the chapter president is actively involved in the program and may not be able to act as the host.


____ 12. Unless the board member resides geographically close to the location of the meeting, overnight accommodations should be planned. Ask the visitor whether she or he would prefer to be a guest of a chapter member or stay in a hotel. If the visitor is staying at a hotel, communicate the arrangements for payment to the visitor, i.e., the chapter will be billed directly; the visitor will pay upon checkout and request reimbursement from either the chapter or the Association.


____ 13. The chapter president or a designated chapter member is responsible for transporting the AALL representative. This means picking them up at the airport, train or bus station, returning them to the same location and insuring that someone will transport her or him (if necessary) during her or his stay. If this is impossible, clear instructions about the best means of ground transportation should be communicated to the visitor.


____ 14. When the chapter plans are finalized, send your the AALL visitor a schedule outlining transportation, accommodations, meal plans and other activities that have been planned. Ideally, the visitor receives the schedule 60 days in advance. The chapter is responsible for the AALL representative when she/he arrives at the meeting site.


____ 15. When the final program is distributed to members, a copy should be sent to the AALL representative.


____ 16. After the chapter visit has concluded, remember to send a thank-you letter to the AALL representative.