ARCHIVED: Financial Templates

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Financial Information for Chapter Leadership:
Financial Templates

Updated: 05/05/2006

There are four Worksheets (templates) in this Workbook; Bud (Budget); YTD (Year-to-Date); FY (Fiscal Year); and Report. The first three are identical in their format.

For the first three, you can revise the heading across the top for the name and fiscal year dates of the Chapter. You can also insert new lines under the revenue and expense segments for additional accounts which you may need, or if there are accounts listed that you don't need, just delete them, or change their title to something appropriate to your Chapter. You can also change the months across the top to start with the first month (October or whatever) of your fiscal year. I started with January for illustrative purposes.

After you've made these changes, you can insert the bank balance for the first day of the fiscal year in the upper left cell just to the right of 'Bank Balance @ beginning of month'. When you insert this figure, you will note that the worksheet subtotals and extends the balance for each succeeding month.

You can use the Worksheet titled 'Bud' to fill in your estimated revenues and expenses month by month and come up with a budget for the year.

If you copy the same budget amounts into the 'YTD' Worksheet you can write over the budget amounts with the actual amounts as you complete each month and this will then become a report of actual amounts for the months you have completed, added to the budget for uncompleted future months. Kind of a 'projection' of where the Chapter finances are headed.

The 'FY' Worksheet is just a copy of the previous 'YTD' completely filled-in with actual amounts for the entire year. This will be your end-of-year report. The final amount in the lower right-hand corner will be your bank balance as of the last day of your fiscal year.

You can then take the totals of each revenue and expense line for the twelve months and plug them into the respective line on the 'Report' template to produce a formatted report suitable for distributing to the members.