ARCHIVED: Chapter Handbook

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Chapter Handbook
  • Chapters and the AALL Annual Meeting
    1. Leadership Training Session
    2. Chapter Presidents/VPs & SIS Chairs/Chairs-Elect Luncheon
    3. Council of Chapter Presidents Annual Business Meeting
      *Registration Form
    4. Chapter Leadership Roundtables
      *Registration Form
    5. Scheduling a Function at an AALL Annual Meeting
    6. Registration Awards for the AALL Annual Meeting
    7. Activity Area - Chapter Displays at the Annual Meeting
    8. The AALL Store - Chapter Sales at the Annual Meeting
  • Chapter Leadership And Management
  • Chapter Bylaws
    1. Thinking of Bylaws Change?
    2. AALL Bylaws Requirements for Chapter Bylaws
    3. AALL Bylaws Section Pertaining to Chapters
    4. Establishing a New Chapter: Checklist
    5. Model Chapter Bylaws
  • Council of Chapter Presidents
    1. Why it Exists
    2. Bylaws of the Council
    3. Role of the Chair
    4. Proposed Revisions, July 2000, to Role of the Chair
    5. Planning Timeline for the Chair
    6. Roster of Past Chairs
    7. History of the Council