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Introduction of Proposal

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) is pleased to submit a proposal to manage the membership data of the INSERT CHAPTER NAME HERE (CHAPTER).
The AALL currently manages its own database files of over 5,000 members worldwide, which, combined with its proprietary web-server, printing, and mailing house capabilities, makes for an ideal partnership with Chapters who require data management service such as:

• Ongoing recordkeeping of member demographics
• Annual dues invoicing
• Publication of an Annual Membership Directory/Handbook
• Mailing labels in a variety of sorts and formats
• Customized letters, notices, and flyers
• Broadcast E-mail capabilities
• Chapter Webpage access to member records

Chapter Membership Data Management Contract


The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) located at 53 West Jackson Blvd., Suite 940, Chicago, IL 60604 and the INSERT CHAPTER NAME HERE (CHAPTER) agree to mutually contract for the AALL to manage the membership data and component services of the CHAPTER membership files in accordance with the following terms.

Initial Setup, Testing, & Recordkeeping

After the initial installation of the CHAPTER member records into the database, AALL will receive changes, updates, and amendments to CHAPTER member records, and revise the database file on a weekly basis. Revisions and changes may be transmitted to AALL in hard copy format (mail or fax), or electronically (e-mail or Chapter Webpage). CHAPTER will select an individual who will serve as the sole contact to receive and forward all changes to AALL. AALL will not accept changes from individuals other than the CHAPTER appointee. The CHAPTER Board reserves the right to change the appointee at any time with written notification to AALL.
As an option, members can receive, via mail, a copy of their member profile to confirm the posting of any revisions or corrections.

Dues Invoicing

Annually, AALL will prepare and mail a dues invoice to each member in the CHAPTER database no later than 60 days after notification by CHAPTER. The format will be an original and remittance copy of the invoice; a return envelope addressed to CHAPTER's designated custodian, and any promotional materials CHAPTER may wish to insert in the envelope.
AALL will support various dues categories and/or dues levels based upon CHAPTER membership types.
AALL will not receive nor account for dues remittances; however, AALL will provide, to CHAPTER, a listing of all amounts invoiced by member name and/or type.

Annual Directory/Handbook

Annually, on a date mutually agreed upon by AALL and CHAPTER, AALL will produce an alphabetical listing of all CHAPTER members in a Directory format. Each member record will contain the usual demographic information: Name, Address, Phone, Fax, e-mail, and Employer.
Additional information from the member record may be included at CHAPTER's option.
Chapters who wish to produce their own directory will be provided with an Excel file listing all membership records.
Each organizational (employer) record would contain information including, but not limited to, the contact name and phone number, pickup and drop-off address, and hours of operation of the organization's interlibrary Loan privileges.
The Handbook section would contain copy specific to CHAPTER, such as Bylaws, Committee Rosters, Meeting Schedules, etc. CHAPTER will furnish all editorial copy for the non-roster sections of the Directory.
CHAPTER may also provide, at its option, the artwork/design of the Directory cover and any additional graphic materials. AALL will not provide graphics of any kind.
Prior to commencing production of the Directory, AALL and CHAPTER shall agree upon specific dates on which proof copies, approvals, and final production will take place. It is mutually understood that failure to adhere to the agreed schedule will delay final distribution of the Directory.

Mailing Labels

On request, AALL will supply mailing labels to CHAPTER. Labels are available in a variety of formats: One-up peel-off; 4-up Cheshire; Avery (30/page) laser.
Labels may be for the entire membership, or may be selected based upon the demographic fields contained in the member's record.

Customized Letters/Notices/Flyers

Customized letters, notices, and flyers will be produced with the merging of a standard form letter and all or any selected portion of the database. Also included are customized forms, surveys, profiles, or any other application where it is necessary to place the members’ name/address/phone/fax/e-mail on the document.

Broadcast e-mail

AALL will transmit messages to all or any portion of the membership capable of receiving e-mail, and with their e-mail address on file.
Transmission is instantaneous.

Transmission of Documents and Other Data

At its option, CHAPTER will transmit to AALL, documents and other data in hardcopy (mail or fax), or electronically (e-mail or Chapter Webpage). In addition to selecting a designated individual to handle all member record changes, the CHAPTER Board will also appoint an additional individual responsible for transmitting to AALL all other documents and data.

Usage of the CHAPTER Database

The CHAPTER membership will be incorporated into the AALL membership database. As such, the records of all CHAPTER members who are not AALL members will be included in future sales of the AALL member list. CHAPTER will not be reimbursed for such usage of its member records. AALL will not have the right to sell the CHAPTER membership list as a separate list. CHAPTER will continue to promote, sell, and invoice for its own list, and be entitled to revenues from all sales of its member listing solely.

Pricing of Service Options

Any or all of the above options are available to CHAPTER. Each is priced separately as follows:

Initial setup and testing: For chapters with 500 members or more AALL will download CHAPTER's current membership database and construct the necessary file formats for the flat sum of $500. For chapters with fewer than 500 members AALL will download CHAPTER’s current membership database and construct the necessary file formats for the flat sum of $250. The member list must be presented to AALL in an electronic format. If the list is not available in an electronic format the flat sum will be negotiated.

Monthly maintenance of changes, revisions, and updates, for a flat monthly sum of $50 (for chapters with 500 members or more), or $25 (for chapters with fewer than 500 members) for an unlimited amount of changes. It is agreed that the AALL Membership Coordinator will enter all changes, revisions, updates, and additions to the CHAPTER membership database within five (5) working days of their receipt. Receipt may be by mail, fax, or electronic media. No changes, revisions, updates, or additions will be transmitted by phone. The AALL Membership Coordinator will provide an electronic E-mail acknowledgement to CHAPTER upon completion of each member change, revision, update, or addition submitted electronically.

Preparation and mailing of the annual dues invoices, and providing a listing of amounts invoiced by member will be charged at $.50 per invoice, assuming that CHAPTER provides all materials, envelopes, printing, postage, etc. Materials requested, but not supplied by CHAPTER will be supplied by AALL at its invoice cost plus a 10% service charge.
Revisions, alterations, or design of the invoice copy requested by CHAPTER will, if deemed significant by AALL, result in additional charges not to exceed $75 for each hour incurred by AALL personnel. CHAPTER will be notified prior to AALL commencing any such revisions or alterations.
Annually, prior to production of dues invoices, AALL and CHAPTER will mutually agree upon a schedule of particular dates which must be accomplished in order for dues invoices to be delivered prior to a mutually agreed date.

Mailing labels will be produced with a 3 working day production time, excluding delivery via 2nd day air express. A listing of all members is available in the following formats: peel-off one-up labels; 30/page Avery laser labels: PC formatted diskette. Single sets of one-up or Avery laser labels, $35; one partial listing of selected members, $35; a PC formatted disk of any or all members, $25.

Customized letters (one page) sent via first-class (priority) mail: $.50 per piece with postage, printing, and stationery provided by CHAPTER. Materials requested, but not supplied by CHAPTER will be supplied by AALL at its invoice cost plus a 10% service charge.

Custom reports based upon selection and/or printing of various record fields can be produced. Such reports will be at a cost to be quoted by AALL, based upon the estimated length of design and testing at a rate of $75 per hour for the AALL Director of Information Technology. In no case will the cost exceed $300, and in no case will the charge exceed the estimate.

Broadcast e-mail: $120 per message regardless of the number of recipients.

Chapter Webpage access: subject to quotation based on design and component features.

WebPages design and features will be mutually agreed upon between AALL and CHAPTER and may be subject to additional charges depending on the additional features and design components. All additional charges will be quoted to CHAPTER prior to commencement, and in no case will the actual charges exceed the estimate.

Printing, design, layout, and editing of the Annual Membership Directory & Handbook is subject to a specific quotation from an outside contractor selected by AALL or CHAPTER and is dependent on the complexity of the project and additional sections requested by CHAPTER. When, and if, AALL assumes responsibility for production of the annual membership directories of other Chapters, which result in quantity discounts, AALL will factor these discounts into the price charged to CHAPTER for production of the CHAPTER Directory.

Chapters who wish to produce their own directory will be provided with an Excel file listing all membership records at an additional cost of $300 for chapters with 500 or more members or $200 for chapters with fewer than 500 members.

Prices quoted in this contract may be amended provided that the AALL notifies CHAPTER, in writing, no later than January 1 of each succeeding year.

Right of Cancellation

CHAPTER reserves the right to cancel this agreement 30 days after written notice to AALL. If cancelled, AALL will purge the CHAPTER membership information of all CHAPTER members from its database within 60 days after receipt of the cancellation notice. Upon cancellation, AALL will return all information contained on the CHAPTER membership to the CHAPTER Board in a format and manner designated by CHAPTER.
AALL may cancel this agreement 30 days after written notice to CHAPTER. Upon such cancellation, the purging of CHAPTER membership information from its files, and the return of all membership information to CHAPTER, AALL will be relieved of all responsibilities or demands contained in this contract.

Scope of the Contract

This Contract is the entire Agreement between the AALL and CHAPTER, and may be modified only in writing and with the acceptance of both parties.


All notices under the terms of this Contract shall be delivered by First Class Mail (Certified at the option of the sender) to: if to the AALL, at the business address in the first paragraph of this Contract; if to CHAPTER, to the business (employment) address of the then current President.

American Association of Law Libraries

Executive Director