ARCHIVED: Academic Law Libraries SIS History and Bylaws

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The Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section (ALL/SIS) was approved by the Executive Board at the July 1979 annual meeting in San Francisco. The purpose of the Section is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on academic law libraries and to represent its members' interests and concerns within the Association.

The Section has sponsored programs at all annual meetings subsequent to San Francisco. A sampling of recent educational programs representing the diversity of interests of the Section's members include: "Teaching Advanced Legal Research: Law Librarians as 'Leaders of the Pack;'" "The ABA Reaccreditation Visit: Process and Preparation;" "Train Your Staff for the Institution as Well as the Job: The Gateway to a More Knowledgeable Staff;" "Gateway to Career Renewal: Paths for the Experienced Librarian;" "'They Rose to the Challenge: Public Librarians Take On the USA PATRIOT Act Through Doe v. Gonzales;" "Young & Restless: What are the Realities of Professional Growth for Newer Academic Librarians;" "Alternative to 'Putting It on Reserve': The Role of Faculty Web Sites and the Reality for Libraries;" "Blogs, Working Papers, Electronic Publishing: Will Changes in Legal Scholarship Affect the Future Development of Library Collections?;" "Technology Acquisition: Must the Library Budget Be Sacrificed?;" "Technical and Public Services Connections: Making the Most of Your Online Catalog;" "From Town to Gown: Law Librarians Connecting in a New Workplace;" "Making Law Review: How Law Libraries Support Academic Law Journals and Staffs;" "Envision the Future Teaching Role of Law Librarians;" "Secure Connections: Safety and Security in the Law Library; " "ABA Statistics: Tackling Topical Questions."

The Section's committees and task forces investigate issues of relevance to ALL-SIS members, frequently resulting in documents supporting the research available on the ALL-SIS web page. These issues include: collecting information concerning status and tenure of law school librarians, available as "Librarian Employment Status (Other Than Director) at U.S. Law Schools"; CALR-library relations, resulting in the document "Qualities of an Ideal CALRVendor-Library Relationship With Benchmark Signs of Success;" creating the "Marketing Tookit;" and compiling and analyzing the "national" statistical questions asked of academic law libraries, yielding the report "What Do ABA, ARL, and NCES Want to Know; a Crosswalk."

As a result of a special report (Task Force on Long-Range Planning, prepared by Nancy Carol Carter), a new organizational structure was instituted at the SIS's annual meeting in 1986. "Roundtables" are aimed at providing vehicles for discussion and action to members with shared interests and/or job responsibilities. As of July 1987, the following roundtables had been established: Collection Development, Fee for Services, Library Administration, Middle Management, and Teaching in Library Schools. Today, the Collection Development Roundtable continues to exist and is incorporated into the work of a Collection Development Committee. In 1989, the SIS sponsored the first meeting of academic law library directors. In 1990, the SIS sponsored the first meeting of middle managers, and in 1993, CONALL (Conference of Newer Academic Law Librarians) met for the first time.

The ALL Newsletter is published three times a year. In 2003, the ALL-SIS newsletter became an electronic-only newsletter, available on the ALL-SIS web page. The SIS sponsors a reception on Sunday evening during the annual meeting. The reception also serves as the awards presentation for The Frederick Charles Hicks Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Law Librarianship, created in 2000, and The ALL-SIS Outstanding Article Award, presented in 2002 for the first time.

Chairs of the Section:

Andrea Roberts 1979-80
Reynold Kosek 1980-81
Dan J. Freehling 1981-82
Fannie S. Fishlyn 1982-83
Kathleen Carrick 1983-84
Barbara Gontrum 1984-85
Sandra Coleman 1985-86
Peter Schanck 1986-87
Frank G. Houdek 1987-88
Lynn Foster 1988-89
Donald J. Dunn 1989-90
Ann Puckett 1990-91
Bruce Johnson 1991-92
Nancy P. Johnson 1992-93
Arturo L. Torres 1993-94
Barbara Bintliff 1994-95
Jacqueline Orlando 1995-96
Sara Robbins 1996-97
Scott Pagel 1997-98
Ed Edmonds 1998-99
Victoria K. Trotta 1999-00
Ruth J. Hill 2000-01
Rosalie Sanderson 2001-02
Merle J. Slyhoff 2002-03
Sally Wise 2003-04
Carole Hinchcliff 2004-05
Michael Slinger 2005-06
Suzanne Thorpe 2006-07
Michelle M. Wu 2007-08






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