ARCHIVED: State, Court, and County Law Libraries SIS HIstory and Bylaws

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In 1973, four years prior to the formal inception of Special Interest Sections within the Association, a group of state, court, county and membership law librarians banned together in a collegial community to begin addressing common issues experienced by each type of these “government” libraries. Since 1977 SCCLL, utilizing its standing and special committee organizational structure, has actively developed services, programs, standards, a fully developed web site at, publications, awards and scholarships for its membership, which has in more recent years numbered well over 500.

Among selected recent SIS accomplishments which benefits membership, their libraries and the Association at large are:

  • The newly revised County Public Law Library (2002) Standards published in 95 L.L.J. 117 (2003)
  • The publication of a series of Resource Guides funded through the generosity of LexisNexis covering, How to Hire a State, Court or County Law Librarian; the Value of a Public Law Library; Management Essentials in the Public Law Library (due to be released in 2006); and Public Law Librarians as Access Providers for Pro Se Litigants (due to be released in 2007).
  • A three issue (Fall, Winter, Spring) electronically formatted Newsletter, State, Court and County Law Libraries News posted on the SIS web site.
  • The publication of a Sourcebook for Law Library Governing Boards and Committees. This resource first published by the Trustees Development Committee in 1994 is currently undergoing a major revision.
  • • The SIS is very sensitive to marketing ourselves to governing boards and involving this important customer base as members in SCCLL activities.
  • An active SIS listserv utilized to provide an optimum of networking/communication opportunities for membership.
  • A long history of heralded practice-oriented Annual Meeting program offerings and periodic Winter Institutes focusing on our library’s relationships with and services to the bench, bar and public. In addition, the SIS formally conducts its business at a breakfast meeting at the beginning of the Annual Conference and has incorporated a Silent Auction as an extra-added attraction with receipts going to fund the Section’s Grants program.
  • The SIS currently recognizes contributions of its members through the issuance of a rotating series of awards, including:
    1. The Bethany Ochal Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession
    2. The Connie Bolden Award recognizing the authorship of a scholarly publication, and
    3. The O. James Werner Award recognizing service by law librarians with disabilities or service for persons with disabilities.
  • The glue that binds the SIS together, keeps us focused, fresh and anticipating the needs of the membership is an ongoing Strategic Planning process that got its start back in 1998. The Section’s Executive Board and Strategic Planning Committee continually revises and re-writes this roadmap document which is utilized by our officers, program planners and Committee chairs in keeping the SCCLL a relevant organization.

Chairs of the Section:

Raymond Taylor 1973/74
Margaret Setliff 1974/75
William Powers 1975/76
Bethany Ochal 1976/77
Paul Fu 1977/78
Marcia Koslov 1978/79
John Sigel 1979/80
Judith Foust 1980/81
O. James Werner 1981/82
Edgar Bellefontaine 1982/83
Carol Meyer 1983/84
Anne Grande 1984/85
Duncan Webb 1985/86
Kai-Yun Chiu 1986/87
Carol Billings 1987/88
Frederic Baum 1988/89
David Badertscher 1989/90
Joel Fishman 1990/91
Judy Meadows 1991/92
Pamela Gregory 1992/93
Anita K. Shew 1993/94
Marvin Anderson 1994/95
Deborah Norwood 1995/96
Frank Alan Herch 1996/97
Gail Warren 1997/98
Jean M. Holcomb 1998/99
Shirley H. David 1999/00
Regina Smith 2000/01
Anita Anderson 2001/02
Michael S. Miller 2002/03



American Association of Law Libraries


Amended, see:

Article I: NAME

The name of this group shall be the State, Court and County Law Libraries Section (SCCLL) of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).


The purpose of the State, Court and County Law Libraries Section shall be:

  1. To improve the quality and services of the libraries represented in its membership, and

  2. To represent its member's interests and concerns within AALL.


Membership shall be open to any AALL member requesting affiliation with the State, Court and County Law Libraries Section as provided in the AALL bylaws.

Article IV: DUES

  • Section 1.
    Dues will be established, collected and disbursed by the treasurer of AALL in accordance with AALL bylaws, Article VII.

  • Section 2.
    The fiscal year will be the same as that of the AALL, October 1 through September 30.


  • Section 1.
    There shall be an annual meeting of the section held in connection with or during the annual meeting of AALL.

  • Section 2.
    Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or the Executive Committee.

  • Section 3.
    Meetings shall be open to non-members, but only members shall cast votes.

  • Section 4.
    The quorum for all voting shall be thirty (30) members present and voting.

  • Section 5.
    Voting at meetings will generally be by voice unless a ballot is requested. A majority vote of those present and voting will prevail on all business matters and election, except that bylaws amendments shall require a two-thirds vote.


  • Section 1.
    The officers shall perform the duties usually pertaining to their respective offices and such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee.

  • Section 2.
    All vacancies in offices shall be filled by the Executive Committee for an interim term until the next regular election of officers, at which time said vacancies shall be filled by election, except that the vice chairperson-chairperson-elect automatically will become chairperson upon a vacancy in such office.

  • Section 3.
    The officers shall be:

    1. Chairperson. Shall service for one year and automatically become past Chairperson and as such serve one year on the Executive Committee.

    2. Vice-Chairperson/Chairperson-elect. Shall service for one year and become Chairperson for the following year at the closed of the current annual meeting.

    3. Secretary/Treasurer. Shall service for three years and shall record the minutes of the meeting, keep the records of the organization, including the financial record, give a written account of the funds of the Section when requested to do so by the Executive Committee of the Section and prepare such documents as directed by the Chairperson.

    4. Newsletter Editor. Shall serve for two years and shall issue at least three newsletters to the members per year, consisting of a Fall newsletter, a Winter newsletter to be mailed prior to January 28, and a Spring newsletter to be mailed prior to April 1.

  • Section 4.
    There shall be an Executive Committee to conduct the affairs of the section between membership meetings. It shall be made up of:

    1. The officers of the section, named in Article VI above.

    2. Three members at large serving for three-year terms, one member at large being elected each year. At the first election one person shall be elected to serve one year, one person to serve two years, and one person to serve three years.


  • Section 1.
    There shall be a Nominating Committee appointed by the Executive Committee, to consist of three (3) members, none of whom shall be a member of the Executive Committee, and none of whom shall be a candidate for office at the succeeding election. Each member of the Committee shall serve for a term of one year. The Chairperson of the Committee shall be designated by the Executive Committee. The Committee shall nominate at least one candidate for each office.

  • Section 2.
    Names of candidates, together with their written acceptances, shall be presented by the Nominating Committee to the Chairperson insufficient time to enable the Chairperson to inform the members of the nominations, by mail, in the winter newsletter.

  • Section 3.
    Further nominations may be made upon written petition of ten voting members in good standing. Such petitions, accompanied by written acceptance of the nominees, must be filed with the Secretary/Treasurer no later than March 15. The Secretary/Treasurer shall prepare an official ballot, including nominations by petition.

  • Section 4.

    1. The Secretary-Treasurer shall forward the official ballot to the Newsletter Editor, and the official ballot shall be included with the Spring Newsletter which shall be sent to each member of the section.

    2. Ballots shall be marked, sealed in plain envelopes and returned to the Secretary/Treasurer before April 20 in covering envelopes bearing on the outside the name and address of the member voting.

    3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall check, on a list of members, whose votes are received. The candidates receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected and shall be so reported at the annual meeting by the Nominating Committee, and all candidates shall be notified of the results of the election by the Nominating Committee at the earliest possible time.

      In case of a tie vote, a run-off election shall be held at the annual business meeting. Run-off elections shall be by secret ballot. The ballots immediately shall be counted and the candidate with the largest number of votes declared elected.


There shall be such standing or special committees as the Executive Committee or the membership of the section shall create.


Any bylaw may be amended, adopted, repealed, or suspended at the annual meeting of the section, by a two-thirds, vote of the members present and voting. Notice of proposed bylaw changes before the vote is to be taken on the amendment change. Any amendment shall take effect after it has been approved by the Executive Board of AALL.


Robert's Rules of Order, in the latest edition, shall govern all deliberations of the section.


The membership has the authority to dissolve this section or merge it with another section or organization by a majority vote at a regular meeting provided a notice of said dissolution or merger is given to the entire membership of the section in writing at least thirty days prior to said meeting. Said dissolution or merger does not become effective until after it has been approved by both the Executive Committee of the section and the Executive Board of AALL.