ARCHIVED: Special Interest Section Vision

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A Leadership Retreat was held on October 15 and 16, 1999 for AALL's Special Interest Sections (SISs) to determine the growth needs of the American Association of Law Libraries. The specific objectives of the Retreat were to:

  • Identify the overall purpose, definition and expectations of an SIS

  • Develop an agreed upon "Vision" for the SIS's (Statement of Impact and Statement of Purpose)

  • Create a "Leadership Profile" for SIS Chairs

  • Complete individual leadership assessments

  • Agree upon a systematic tracking and monitoring model to ensure accountability, consistency and continuity

  • Develop a next step action plan

After reviewing the purpose, definition and contributions of an AALL Special Interest Section, the participants created an overall vision statement capturing what a SIS is -- an impact statement describing the difference SIS membership makes for its members. In addition, the participants created a purpose statement, addressing how a SIS makes that difference.


SIS Impact Statement

Energized and committed members benefit from creating and participating in a strong, multi-faceted, vibrant community that is the core of their professional lives.

SIS: The Purpose Statement

A self-selecting group of members with a common interest, which serves as a forum, contributes educational value, serves as a resource for expertise, advocates and provides leadership growth opportunities.

The group also created a Leadership Profile for SIS leaders, which appears in Chapter 1 within sub-section "Governance of SIS's".