ARCHIVED: Canadian Summit on the Future of Electronic Legal Information

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October 28, 1997

When: November 20-22, 1997
Where: Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Sheraton Centre Hotel
Registration: $350.

"The Official Version: A National Summit to Solve the Problems of Authenticating, Preserving and Citing Electronic Legal Information"

"The 'Summit' is designed to bring together representatives of various constituencies which have a stake in the future of legal information in electronic form. CALL/ACBD believes the time has come to address specifically the issues of authenticity, preservation and citation of legal information in digital form and to begin a collaborative process to address the problems arising from the introduction and application of new technologies. While these technologies have the power to enhance access, they also contain within them the seeds of confusion and disruption unless a national and perhaps international initiative is launched to develop standards and assign responsibility for the maintenance of our legal heritage. This 'Summit' is necessarily set in the Canadian context, but will be of interest to non-Canadians dealing with similar issues in their own jurisdictions."

WHY: The Canadian Association of Law Libraries/Association canadienne des bibliotheques de droit believes it is time to address specific issues related to the access and use of legal information in digital form: authentication, preservation and citation. These issues have become highly problematic with the introduction and application of new technologies by the courts, legal publishers and federal and provincial governments.

WHO: This Summit is designed for legal and law-related professionals who have responsibility for the development of a legal information policy for Canada. Practitioners, judges, academics, publishers (government and private) and law librarians all have an interest in developing cooperative strategies and policies to address the problems that have arisen in recent years. Technology has the power to enhance access. However, without appropriate policies and procedures it may lead to the destruction of our legal heritage and create confusion and disruption in the legal system.

OBJECTIVE: To create an environment for representatives of all constituencies to listen, discuss, and develop consensus on recommendations for the creation of policies on digital publication of law reports, statutes, regulations and other forms of legal information.